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Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge @ SS2, PJ


Geylang is famous (as well as notorious hehe) for a couple of things. In terms of food, Frog Porridge is one of the popular food around here that is greatly enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. So it isn’t surprising that this food managed to venture into neighboring countries. One of the them – Geylang Lor 9 has taken advantage on the food’s popularity and now they have chained restaurants in Indonesia, China, Taiwan and also at SS2, Petaling Jaya.
OK before you go “ewwww, frog legs. yucks” on me, let me just say that frog leg is an absolute delicacy if they are well-prepared to remove any bad smell. Once you get over the mental factor you would certainly appreciate it. The flesh is smooth, tastes sweet and contrary to popular beliefs, no it doesn’t taste like chicken at all.


The plain porridge is available in three sizes S/M/L priced at RM3/4/5 respectively. Taste wise it was nothing really different from any other porridges – plain and regular. You could add some sesame oil or white pepper for extra seasoning if you want but I recommend using the gravy from the frog legs arriving later.
Also, do note the porridge has a very thick texture to the extent of being quite lumpy and gluey. So if this is not the kind of porridge you fancy then you should very well know what to do lah.


The frog porridge I had in Geylang only had porridge, frog legs and maybe a few vegetable dishes. But since Geylang Lor 9 is a chained restaurant, they needed to have more dishes to cater to a larger group of customers. So besides the oh-so commonly eaten Kung Pao (dried chilies style) and Kiong Chong (ginger and scallion style) there are also some fried chicken and omelette.
Just for comparison, the spiciness of the Kung Pao style here is much milder than the one I had in Singapore. I was tearing up (literally) the last time but then the spicy kick was so enjoyable. Anyway, this might be because they are a chained restaurants hence need to adjust the seasoning to appeal to the public. But if you ask me, I prefer Singapore’s original level of spiciness, with loads of bird’s eyes chilies thrown in.


I wouldn’t recommend the Ginger and Scallion Frog Legs, unless you really cannot handle any spicy food at all. We find it to be salty, or maybe you prefer how my friend phrased it “wow so salty, good ah! It’s like drinking light soy sauce!”


Maybe it’s due to lack of competition here, the frog legs are not cheap. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg but it would be RM12 for every frog ordered. Well, at least the frogs are slaughtered live before cooked so the freshness is top notch. The meatiness is just right too, since skinny frogs have no meat while big frogs have tough meat.


Three claypots of frog legs, a large porridge, and six cups of Chinese tea brought the bill to a total of RM81.80 with the frog legs alone costing RM72, kinda crazy eh? Like I have said before, if you can handle spicy food just forget about the Kiong Chong frog legs and just order the Kung Pao ones. Trust me it will make your experience far better than ours, because we ordered two Kiong Chong ones, big mistake ah!

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge
10, Jalan SS2/61, PJ, Selangor.
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.030 E101 37.305
Tel: 03-78741233

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