Ghee Hiang Biscuits

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Do you like biscuits? Does this brand sound familiar? Have you seen it anywhere recently?


Ghee Hiang’s shop interior is really nice.


See the boxes of biscuits behind the cashier? One of the best things to bring back to your hometown from visiting Penang, would be the traditional Penang biscuits. “Tambun Pneah” or “Tau Sar Pneah” is manufactured by 2 major shops – “Ghee Hiang” and “Him Heang”. For this entry “Ghee Hiang” will be known as GH and the latter HH.


There’s a cupboard displaying the range of “Ghee Hiang” products. GH is the original and oldest manufacturer of this biscuit. They started the business exactly 150 years ago from now, 1856. According to some rumors, because they were so successful and dominating the business, they eventually became arrogant and started to lack in customer service. Customers had to make bookings and often made to wait a long time in order to purchase even a box of biscuits. Besides making excellent biscuits, Ghee Hiang also produces good sesame and soya sauce.


Nice packaging – even for biscuits


What you get in the box, freshly packed in small plastic bags This resulted in their rival, HH’s gain of popularity. Now you can see more customers in HH’s shop compared to GH. However, GH still holds the upper hand in quality of the biscuits. It is still the best “Tau Sar Pneah” brand :)


15 decades of experience in making biscuits. Now beat that!

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