Ginshariya Gekotei @ Sakai Prefecture, Osaka

Ginshariya Gekotei Sakai Osaka
Ginshariya Gekotei Sakai Osaka

Before I went to Japan, I imagined that my best meal experience would be at a sushi restaurant or at the fish market. As it turned out, it was at a traditional eatery in Sakai Prefecture, Osaka called Ginshariya Gekotei.
Originally started as an Okonomiyaki shop 60 years ago, Ginshariya Gekotei is now more known for their perfectly cooked rice.

Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Chef

It is a result of the founder, Tsutomu Murashima’s dedication in refining and improving his rice cooking techniques over the decades. If you are wondering, the reason he decided to shift his attention to rice was because he acknowledged the fact that his dishes will never be better than his competitors’.
Today, his rice is so good that even China’s Commerce Ministry is seeking his co-operation to research a cooking method best suited for a Chinese rice brand. That’s quite a recognition if you ask me.

Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Japanese-Dishes

Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Sashimi-Chiller
Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Sashimi

The easiest way to describe Ginshariya Gekotei is that it’s a Japanese economy rice restaurant. A range of raw, fried, braised and grilled dishes are laid out on the table for your taking to customize your own meal.

Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Tonkatsu
Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Cooked-Food
Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Oden

Fresh and warm Tamagoyaki is always available because the chef and co-owner is always preparing a new batch of it. And since they cater to the working crowd for late breakfast and lunch, prices are kept affordable – I’d say even cheap in Japan.

Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Japanese-Meal-Sakai

Consider this, a sushi platter (8 pcs) at a normal range sushi restaurant in Osaka would have set you back by 1200 Yen. The most expensive item here – sashimi (or fried oyster) that comes in 5 to 6 thick slices is priced at only 500 Yen. So if you get two plates of sashimi to accompany a bowl of rice to make a sashimi don, it’s still cheaper than eating at a sushi restaurant.

Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Hamachi-Sashimi
Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Tuna-Sashimi

Not to mention the quality of the sashimi is superb, so fresh and satisfying. But of course, that’s probably due to the fact that Sakai is a seaport city where seafood is available in abundance.

Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Japanese-Kitchen-Restaurant
Ginshari-ya Geko-tei-Restaurant-Sakai

Ginshariya Gekotei

Shinzaikechonishi, Sakaiku, Sakai 590-0969, Osaka Prefecture
Hours: 9am to 12pm, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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