Goon Wah Restaurant (Claypot XO Fish Head Noodles) @ Kuchai Lama

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Goon Wah is an extremely popular restaurant at Kuchai Lama that specializes in their Claypot XO Fish Head Noodles, a dish they proudly claim as a self-creation. Goon Wah initially started out as a buffet catering business for functions. But their dishes are so good even for catering standards they decided to convert the shoplot into a full fledged restaurant.


We decided to try as many dishes as we could so the dishes’ portion are kept to a minimum. The minimum order for the XO Fish Head Noodle (in person’s portion) is 1, followed by 2 then 5. Shown here is a two persons’ portion, quite big actually to be shared among 4-5 pax just to get a taste of it.
Compared to the other fish head noodles I have had before that are usually sweet, Goon Wah’s version tastes more towards salty by heavily utilising salted vegetables. The soup is quite clear without too much of a milkish appearance too. Delicious with soft, smooth and flavorful chunks of fish head, this is simply a must try. And you should be happy to know the soup could be refilled at FOC.


Another signature dish of Goon Wah is their own rendition of Batu Pahat’s ‘Wu Tao Khao Yuk‘ (braised pork belly with yam) It was far from the best Khao Yuk I ever tasted but it was alright, I just find it to be too oily for my liking.


Some steamed buns to sandwich the yam and pork belly. I feel the dish tasted better this way, as the bun could help to absorb the excessive oil.


Stout Chicken Wings, barbecued then coated with a rich, savory sauce reduced from Stout. Expect the taste to be heavy and really addictive, one piece is never enough.


Stir Fried Pork Maw and Intestines with Dried Shrimps. Make sure you toss them with the sauce again because ours tasted uneven, the bottom part was pretty salty. That aside, it was a good one without any weird taste if you know what I mean.


Actually we just ordered everything featured on the restaurant’s wall. Besides the first few I just mentioned, the last one is this Claypot Lou Shu Fan, which has a rather fancy name in Mandarin that loosely translates to ‘Tresure Box of Goodies’. Like the name suggests, the claypot is served on top of a box containing a fire source to keep the dish warm.


The toppings are pleasantly generous, consisting of various things like minced meat, dried shrimps, lard and even bits of scrambled eggs. Sounds awesome, nicely presented and all but in overall it fell short of our expectations. It was rather dry and could use some ‘wok hei’ to spruce up the otherwise boring and flat taste.


It may sound odd for a restaurant to close on weekends but that’s just how Goon Wah rolls. They reserve the weekends for their catering business so weekdays are the only time you could dine here, got time limit somemore – from 9.30am to 3.30pm only aka lunch break for those working people. Despite the huge lunch crowd, service was fast and applaudable.


Layman directions: Drive along Jalan Kuchai Lama until you go pass KFC on your right, you will see Esso and Shell (opposite SM Sri Sentosa and SRK Sri Setia). Turn left before reaching the petrol stations, after 200-300m you will see Goon Wah on your right.

Goon Wah Restaurant
G13 & 14, Jalan 3/115C,
KP 2, Taman Kuchai Lama,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL.
GPS Co-ordinates: N3 05.444 E101 40.996
Tel: 03-7982 0048 / 03-79840722 (reserve early for VIP room, air conditioned)

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