Groovy Sushi Rolls @ SushiGroove, Sunway Pyramid


SushiGroove is an award winning Japanese restaurant famous for their tasty food, especially Groovy Sushis which is unique in presentation and flavor. Besides the menu, what sets SushiGroove apart from the rest is the restaurant’s setup and ambiance, which you will see is warm, dim and just.. special.
To start with, SushiGroove is not a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and it’s complete with a lounge and Japanese bar for the customers to relax and unwind. Their first branch opened in 1 Utama two years ago, and it was not until last week I finally visited SushiGroove’s second outlet at Sunway Pyramid. Man, I am slow lol.


Another unique thing about Sushi Groove is the name they gave to their Groovy Sushis – Flying Geisha, Tokyo Meltdown Roll, Lion King Roll, Godzilla Roll and Avatar Roll just to name a few. Our first order was Sunshine Roll @ RM16.90 which was made of spicy tuna and crab roll topped with Norwegian salmon.


The whole thing was delicious especially the crunchy stuff on top. The same applies to all the other sushi we had that day. So I am gonna save myself from repeating myself lah.


Miso Soup with clams, a surprising find.


Our green tea @ RM3.90 a cup, which I thought was quite pricey at first. Not anymore after I found out the green tea was actually brewed from premium imported Japanese green tea.
On each table is a flyer recommending the top 10 selling items in SushiGroove. It is helpful for those who are new to SushiGroove (like me) and don’t know what to order. Honestly, it did help me because the recommendations were good!


Dynamite Ball, prepared by baking salmon wrapped rice balls with SushiGroove’s special dynamite sauce.


A little chewy but I liked it.


The Unagi Roll @ RM18.90, which I thought was fabulous, it’s a must try if you ask me. The tastiness also made it the best selling item here.



Then came SushiGroove’s second best seller, Fusion Dragon Roll @ RM16.90. I gotta say I expected the ‘dragon’ head to look a little better than this, because it certainly looked like it went through hell and got burnt real bad lol.


This groovy fusion roll combined seafood, meat and even fruit into one! There’s marinated salmon, shrimp tempura, beef and mango roll, all torched and arranged in a shape of a dragon.
Since each bite sized roll has a different ingredient, each had its own distinctive flavor. It was easily the best tasting sushi for me that night, and perhaps one of the most innovative too.


SushiGroove was having a Buy-Four-Free-One sushi promotion and luckily we hit the required ‘quota’. So, we got to choose between Teriyaki Chicken Roll and Crunchy Salmon Skin Roll, both priced at RM8.90. We took the former because we felt we already had enough salmon for the day lol.


Although it looked like a rather simple sushi roll, it was surprisingly tasty with tender fried chicken pieces. Not bad at all for a free sushi.


SushiGroove is a pork-free establishment and it should be safe for Muslims to eat, as I have seen them while I was there. I am actually very impressed with the quality and presentation of the food at SushiGroove, albeit a smaller portion.
Luckily the prices are still competitive so future visits are still guaranteed. By the way, I was told that SushiGroove would be going through a re-branding soon in the month of July. I will definitely return again after the re-branding is done, no questions about that lol.


1 Utama Shopping Centre
Lot G342/343, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel/Fax: 603-7725 3733

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
OB3.LG2.1B, Lower Ground 2
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/145, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 603-5622 1343 Fax: 603-5637 9903

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    • Hmm not really lah.. but since long time never posted anything about Japanese food.. just post lor. I still have many Japanese related food posts backed up haha

  1. i love the high quality camera u use for taking picture. and those place u recommend that is really nice. sushi groove is a good place to eat

  2. Sushi Groove has been rebranded to Tokyo.G if i am not mistaken …
    for those who can consume beef … do try out the Beef roll with cheese/mushroom .. its tasty and nice … thumbs up for a great sushi restaurant … =)


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