Gyu-Kaku All You Can Eat Japanese BBQ Buffet @ Publika

Gyukaku Japanse BBQ Buffet Eat All You Can Publika
Gyukaku Japanse BBQ Buffet Eat All You Can Publika

Gyu-Kaku has been one of the yakiniku restaurants I wanted to try ever since they opened in KL. When I learnt that they are having a buffet promotion, I knew it was the best time to finally give it a try.
The buffet is not excessively expensive considering it’s priced at RM75.90++ per pax. However, do note that they impose a time limit of 90 minutes. It may sound short but based on our experience it’s actually more than enough time to let you enjoy the buffet.

Gyukaku Wagyu Beef Japanese BBQ

Gyukaku Shiitake Mushroom Peppers

Gyukaku Japanese BBQ Corn

If your budget allows, you could opt to top up RM30 to have unlimited Wagyu beef included in the buffet too. Personally, I think it’s worth paying for since it’s Wagyu we’re talking about here.
There are more than 50 dishes included in the ala carte menu and almost half of them are meat and seafood based items. Some cooked dishes such as gyoza, tempura and fried squid are also available but I wouldn’t care too much about them.

Gyukaku Japanse BBQ Meat

Gyukaku Japanese BBQ Australian Beef

Gyukaku Japanese BBQ Wagyu

One good thing about this buffet is that they are sensible in the amount of meat to serve in your orders. The standard serving for beef seems to be 4 slices, while the vegetables are portioned according to the number of diners present.
Among all, our favorites were the Australian beef tongue and King Harami. The Wagyu beef’s quality was top notch too with nice marbling. If grilled properly without overcooking the center, they are tender and melt in your mouth delicious.

Gyukaku Salmon Foil

Gyukaku Prawn Foil

Gyukaku Japanse BBQ Squid

Great meat aside, the seafood is equally enjoyable as well. The shrimp and salmon foil were so good that we had seconds.

Gyukaku Japanse Buffet Pudding

Gyukaku Japanese BBQ Buffet Ice Cream

Dessert wise, the choices are less since they are limited to the usual ice cream (3 flavors) and pudding. Fortunately, all of them were wonderful especially the milk pudding which I highly recommend.
As far as buffet goes, Gyu-Kaku is definitely doing it right. So to all the meat lovers out there, this is the place to be without having to break the bank.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Buffet

Gyu-Kaku All You Can Eat Buffet

Block D3-G3-Unit 3, Publika, KL
Tel: 03-6211 5446

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