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On the way to Kek Lok Si to photograph the beautiful lanterns displayed in the temple during Chinese New Year, Siang Leng and I stopped at Asia Cafe for dinner. I blogged about this rather classy hawker centre before and it has been a year since my last visit. I noticed the oyster noodle stall is not there anymore. A pity because the oyster noodle quite good. We were undecided on what to eat as the foods there don’t seem appealing.. At last we chose to order from Hainan Lou Western Food.

hainan lou western food

Hainan Lou Western Food has many types of Western food available. For economical ones there are Hawaiian chicken, mushroom chicken, oriental chicken, Cordon Bleu, chicken Maryland etc priced at RM7 and below. Then there are steak, mixed grill, lamb chop and combos if you want something special.

Hawaiian Chicken Chop

I wanted something special yet cheap so I ordered the Hawaiian chicken chop. A slice of pineapple is served on a pan fried boneless chicken drumstick with ham sandwiched in between. Looks simple but tastes great. I didn’t have high expectations but it turned out very well. The juicy chicken was very flavorful even though it’s pan fried and no gravy.

Mushroom Chicken Chop

The mushroom chicken was equally good too. It would seem that both chicken are cooked the same way, just with different toppings. But that’s not the case. They taste totally different and I prefer the Hawaiian chicken more.

cook at work

It took quite a long time for the cook to prepare the food due to the large number of orders. But we weren’t complaining, as looking at him cook is like watching a cooking performance lol. It’s very impressive how he could manage to do all the frying, boiling, dressing and dishing out alone. Best of all he made it all looked so easy! I never thought I would say this but Asia Cafe’s Hainan Lou Western Food in conclusion is cheap, nice and very recommended.

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