Hainan Tea Kopitiam @ SS2, Petaling Jaya


A few days ago a friend and I were driving around SS2 looking for a place for tea break and noticed a new establishment called Hainan Tea (previously Leo’s Cafe). We took a quick glance at the menu and found some interesting stuff so we decided to give it a try. Plus, the outlet looked pretty cool and cozy.


Although it’s still kinda refreshing albeit weird to see Chee Cheong Fun sold in kopitiam, it is not something new for Hainanese ones. You would have probably seen it before at Hainan Tea Station in Lowyat Plaza.
The Hainan Cheong Fun @ RM3.50 had an appetizing golden-brown appearance largely attributed to the mix of sweet sauce and peanut butter. Honestly I was very skeptical about the taste at first but surprisingly (and luckily) it turned out to be quite OK. Don’t expect silky, openable rice rolls though because they were tightly sealed and lumpy.


Hainan Tea with gula melaka @ RM4.80 (recommended) and Hainan Cham @ RM3.90.


BBQ Chicken Cheong Fun @ RM6.90, basically some steamed rice rolls sandwiched with chicken meat. It was pretty bland tasting, which could be improved by simply increasing the BBQ gravy that comes together.



I bet this is something new for most of you, Toasted Hainan Skin. It can be ordered with various toppings like kaya (RM2.70), tuna mayo (RM3.30) and mayo egg. The crunchiness is enjoyable but do note that hints of bitterness are present because they are actually just bread crusts.


Brown Twister with Kaya @ RM3.20, basically a rolled up version of the normal toasts, quite fancy so worth a try. We also had the Hainan Brown Toast 3 Layer @ RM3.80 (no picture, sorry) which comes with generous spread of kaya, butter and peanut butter. For me, there’s nothing not to be liked about it.


Frankly, chicken rice would be the last thing I would order from a kopitiam franchise. But I had no choice since they ran out of curry mutton that day. As expected the Hainan Roasted Chicken Rice @ RM7.50 wasn’t great, mainly due to the low grade of rice used. The roast chicken was quite salty too.


Overall Hainan Tea is one of the better newcomers in this franchise kopitiam madness that seems to be still going strong. The variety of toasts and drinks here is good, taste nice as well so I am definitely keeping it as a yam cha place.
Since Murni mamak is only a few doors away, Hainan Tea has cleverly sneaked in Ribena Lychee into their drinks menu. The reason they do this should be very clear hehe. As for serious meals they are still not quite there yet if judging from the chicken rice alone. But I am eager to try their nasi lemak rendang and curry mutton in my future visits.

Hainan Tea
No 61-9, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.243 E101 37.294

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  1. I have been reading your blog for more than a year now and I just love all your food reviews! Your pictures are getting nicer and nicer as well :) Continue posting :) :) :)

    • hi chiariyees,

      sorry I do not have their operating hours. but I can safely assume it would be open from 8am to 10pm.. the business hour should be pretty standard with the other kopitiams i guess

  2. Hi VKeong,

    Thanks for the write up. Interested yet honest. We’ll let our chef know about the chee cheong fun texture. See what he can come up with next.

    Also, to reply chiariyees,
    Our opening hours is from 0800AM till 0200AM.

  3. Service sometimes good and sometimes BAD…not professional at all…Service for a service and F&B line is very very important..PLs improve….

  4. I was so disappointed with Hainan Tea at Tmn Maluri Shopping Centre. I went to Hainan Tea today around 8pm+++ with my sister. We ordered spaghetti and 3 layer toast with drinks. Less than 5 minutes, one of the waiter approached our table and told us spaghetti finished and requested us to change to another order. So we order nasi lemak sausage. After he took our order, he came back again to tell us for the bread it only left with white bread. I told him to change to nasi lemak chicken curry. He then took our order receipt to the counter but never include this item in the receipt. We told him why the 2nd order for the nasi lemak not stated in the receipt he straight took our receipt back to the counter and never returned back to us. The nasi lemak sausage came but my nasi lemak chicken curry never make an appearance. I was so pissed off and press the bell for checking order. It seems all the waiter there just nod their head and walk off……I was really fed up with waiting because my order never arrived though my sister already finish eating. When i approached the counter to question the waiter, then only i saw my nasi lemak just ready…….The worst thing that happened is when the bill came it was totally ridiculously…..We only had hainan kopi cold, honey kalamansi cucumber, nasi lemak sausage and nasi lemak chicken curry but the bill is damn long coz it has included other table bills together……i pointed out to the waiter who brought us the bill……this is my 3rd visit to the hainan tea in jusco maluri shopping centre….and this is the most terrible experience that i had….One more thing i wish to highlight is that before 9pm….the staff told the potential customers who walk in that they can’t come in coz nothing much left of the food……..I hope that Hainan Tea management can really look into this matter as one bad apple will tarnish the good image of Hainan tea….Please look into the crew members of the Hainan Tea in Jusco Maluri……They really have attitude problem….especially the one who took our order……It was an Indian guy…..

    • To Sandra Chin , The Hainan Tea The Place Is Good And Nice …And After I read
      I Think You Should Look For the Owner Or The Manager To inform Them…
      It Happen To Too But This Is What I Do Because We Are Paying For What We Oder..

  5. I went there twice last week and found out that the branch is purely operated by foreigners and no local superior workers. The both time i went there and ordered the waiters brought the wrong orders and worse thing is when we ask for change, they show unhappy faces like we the one made mistake. The best part is no local superior workers there to complain.


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