Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Nam Chuan, Bangsar


Nam Chuan is one of the most frequented coffee shops in Bangsar because of its location. It’s a cheap place to eat and is usually packed with office workers and locals. There are a lot of people who purposely come here for Aunty Christina’s Sarawak Laksa too.

Nam Chuan Hainanese Chicken Rice

The Hainanese Chicken Rice here is equally popular as well and whenever I am in Bangsar looking for a quick lunch, this is my to-go stall.

Nam Chuan Chicken Rice Bangsar

In fact, nostalgia the only reason I still return for it. Since I grew up in the mainland side, visiting the island across was something we only did once in a blue moon.
One of the coffee shops we used to visit (I can’t remember the name) has this chicken rice stall that to me at that time, was oh-so delicious.
That memory stuck with me ever since, albeit fuzzy. And it so happened that this chicken rice tastes very similar to what the one I just mentioned earlier.

Hainanese Roast Chicken

Chicken and Roast Pork Rice

As you can see, the roast chicken here is slightly more done than usual. You could tell from the skin’s color which is more of a dark brown than light brown. The soya sauce is richer too, so the overall flavor is slightly stronger and different from what most other stalls would usually do.
I wouldn’t call this chicken rice fantastic by today’s standards, but when it conjures up an early childhood memory, you bet it is. At least for me at that moment.

Kedai Makanan Nam Chuan Bangsar

Nam Chuan Coffee Shop

2-4 Lorong Ara Kiri Dua
Lucky Garden, Bangsar
59100 KL

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  1. Hmmm… from what I know, Hainanese Chicken Rice shouldn’t be using roasted chicken. But seems that West Malaysians tend to name it wrong. :(


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