Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng


This is another good food stall recommendation by one of my colleagues, Peng Hooi. We were talking about mee goreng and he recommended Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚. Apparently I pass this stall almost everyweek and yet I didn’t know it is good lol. That’s why I like to ask around for good food ;)

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It is super easy to locate this noodle stall. Along the road to St Anne’s Church pass Taman Sentosa you will see a Caltex petrol station. Haji Mohd is just beside the petrol station. The name of the stall comes from the place where it started its business – Cherok Tokun.

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Besides mee goreng, they also have Tokun Mee Kuah Ketam, mee rebus and pasembur. I dunno about you but that mee kuah ketam certainly sounds yummy to me lol. Anyway a plate of mee goreng costs RM2.50. There are 2 cooks preparing the dishes at one time so waiting time is not too long. Although the stall is located at the road side and appear shoddy, I must commend on the cleanliness, there wasn’t a single fly around!

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What’s on top of the noodles are actually sweet-spicy cuttlefish. At first I mistook them as fried onions and scooped them away lol. The mee goreng is great and one day I will surely return to try the mee kuah ketam. :drool:

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  1. Hie vkeong. this tokun mee is really delicious.. but the cleanliness.. not really clean. There are also some flies around especially if you eat udner the tree. You should have try the mee kuah. Damn delicious..

    vk: Yeah I agree the cleanliness can be improved lol. It’s at the road side and beside a longkang lol. I didn’t try the mee kuah.. would probably do so in my next trip :)

  2. I’m BM guy, who experience taking Tokun Mee Goreng more than 10 years. Your mentioned stall is not original from Tokun, they are copy cat from their master, this stall current at Kampung Baru road side. Honestly I didn’t feel taste good.

    Original Tokun Mee Goreng still at Tokun area call Pak Man Mee Goreng, this is origin stall. You should try this out!

    vk: Oh yeah about that Tokun stall, actually I didn’t know the original one was there when I went to try. I will be back to try though, thanks for mentioning

  3. i not sure which 1 is original, tis 1 or tat 1 be4 the entrance to tokun.
    but both also quite nice, altho got abit difference.
    but i couldnt tell.
    well tis 1 got its advantages, got sell coconut here ^^
    2 stalls, 1 malay 1 chinese

  4. try the original Cherok Tokun pak man mee kuah Ketam, the soup cook by ketam! really nice, my must have mee goreng when my holiday back to malaysia!! miss it!

  5. Are you sure this mee to kun is good …. something is wrong somewhere. Recently I and my wife drop by
    to have what you people call delicious….. Jalan Pa Boi mee is far better and they don’t have fishing line ( tali tangsi )inside the Kuah….. when I complain and the answer ……..OHHHH.. taK nampak. That its….


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