Haji Samuri Kajang Satay


This was my dinner tonight – Haji Samuri‘s famous Kajang Satay. It’s surprisingly fast and cheap to reach Kajang town from Seri Kembangan, only 20 minutes and RM1 toll. The real problem starts when you’re in Kajang town itself. It’s a small town but there’s a lot of cars. So, getting around would take quite a while even for a short distance. Read more if satays interest you..

Haji Samuri Kajang Satay

We ordered 10 chicken satays, 10 fish satays and 5 beef tripes satay. Beef tripes is at 9 o’clock, chicken at 6 while fish at 12.

satay kuah

Ketupat (rice dumpling) and the mandatory cucumbers as side dishes. Received some chain emails that cucumber helps to offset the satay’s cancerous effect.. I don’t know if this is real but fruits are good.. so finish them lah. The gravy which is brown greyish is sweet and loaded with peanuts. Chili is provided separately and you can customize your own peanut sauce’s spiciness. For me, I like it spicy. Apparently, the gravy is sooooo tasty for some people. I saw a girl eating the gravy only before the satay arrived using a spoon. Really so nice meh? LOL.

Haji Samuri satay kajang restaurant

Haji Samuri is really a huge restaurant, clean too. There are two floors and there’s an air conditioned section. I didn’t know this until I went exploring the restaurant after my meal. The air conditioned area is at the ground floor, just in front of the kitchen. Head there if you want a nicer environment.

BBQ satay kajang

The first floor is the only place where you can see the workers prepare the satays clearly. Interesting.

Haji Samuri kajang satay

The satays are good, no doubt about that. The chicken satay is the best among all, and all are equally priced at RM0.60 per stick. The special ones which cost more are rabbit (RM1.60!), deer and mutton. Too bad the rabbit satays were sold out, I really wanted to try it. Rabbit meat is said to have a really good texture and taste.

Haji Samuri satay kajang restaurant

This is how big the satay restaurant is.. it’s like a complex!

best kajang satay

A piece of advice.. don’t order so many satays at once.. Although they are really good, it’s better to order them in small batches. Order a few first, then ask for more if you really feel like it. For us, we felt very full and had a loathe (feel sien) for the satays already after 5-6 sticks. Also, you don’t need to travel to Kajang for the real thing because they already have a branch in Damansara Uptown, PJ. I wonder if the quality’s the same? Hmm..

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    • last night, i ate the satay hj samuri in sg buloh-over head bridge.

      the taste was bad!…sour!
      the people next o my my table also felt the same.

  1. i like the kuah kacang..very unique
    hey, did you bring the camera all the time?

    Hmm I don’t bring all the time loh.. only when I know I am going for food hunting ;) But usually I carry it all day in the weekends

  2. Hi!
    My, my, you really make me hungry now… By the way, I love “Satay Kajang” , when I was leaving in Kuala Lumpur, I used to go there with family and sometimes with friends to Kajang just to have “satay Kajang”.
    The taste is different from other satays! Love it! love it! I do like your site and want to make your site as one of my favourite sites. Good work!

    Till we meet again with another “click”, bye from Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia.

    Lily Arbee

  3. nice but ur photo focusing. Feels like your love to do bokeh but u lost the focus. u focus only on the middle, not the satay itself. put the aperture more

    thanks for your comment.. please comment more on my other photos.. I just picked up a DSLR and still learning :)

  4. i just came back from there…
    it taste seem to be dropped from last time i went (1yr ago)….
    this is the first time i eat satay suffering like this..

  5. I went to have this Kajang Satay last Thursday (22/05/2008)

    The only difference Satay Kajang from normal satay is the amount of meat,is definately more and of course you pay more for it too. The peanut sauce is just ok! ok-lah. I find the place and the ambience congested and not so welcoming at night at all.

    Cat’s all over the place and to my horror, there was a cat under my table and my mom was trying to chase it off but the cat seem not to be bothered by our presence until I had to call one of the waiters to chase it off. To my shock the waiter carried the cat away from under our table and never bother to wash his hands.

    Sadly, after that he went to serve food for a new order by a customer. That’s the kind of SERVICE and Satay you get from MALAYSIA’s Best SATAY – Haji Samuri.

    If Haji Samuri wanna practice hygienic kitchen and service, please get rid of the cats and teach your workers to be hygienic conscious too. Even their uniforms look so dirty.

    I notice your kitchen id of course CLEAN. Kudos to you! If you can’t keep the cats out, please build glass walls to make it more nicer looking and of course cleaner too. Please install air-cons so that the customers feel more comfortable while enjoying your satay.

    Hope my dissatisfaction will be taken into your consideration and by the way, I spent RM61.10 for your satays.

    So don’t you think I deserve a better service than having a cat under out table and other cats running all around tables in your shop and not to mention your waiter who obviously not aware of germs. We left immediately after what we witness for we lost our appetite. I regretted ordering a take away.

    vk: I will reply to your comment again. I think you should have complained your dissatisfaction to the restaurant. I would have asked the person who handled the cats to wash his hands, or I will complain to the management. I’ve learnt this the hard way.. if you are unhappy with your meal or how you’re being treated, you need to speak up on the spot. Because you are paying for it, and the management must know what is their staff doing. RM61 is not a small sum.

    Actually for me, I wouldn’t mind if there was a stray cat under my table. I think that’s the environment you get if you’re dining in Malay restaurants.. they have cats everywhere. I even had meals with the cat sitting on the table looking at me.. for me it’s cool. Just like when you go to Chinese restaurants there are dogs in it.

    There’s an air-conditioned room downstairs.. I think you didn’t see it :)

  6. I am not sure how true this email is, but i received it in my mail and I thought I should share it with all – the management and the customers so that we do not get cheated. Hopefully there will not be a repeat of this nature anymore…..

    `Satay Kajang banyak RECYCLE…

    Dear Kawan-kawan,

    Kalau kita pergi ke Kajang, semua orang tidak melepaskan peluang untuk makan satay kajang di sana. Terutama sekali Satay Haji Samuri sebab ianya sudah terkenal seantero Malaysia.

    Sekarang ni tak payahlah pergi jejauh ke Kajang, makan saja di Awan Besar (tempat rehat di highway Kesas), sebab Haji Samuri dah buka
    branch di sana.

    Untuk itu teman nak berkongsi pengalaman (yang mungkin tidak boleh
    dilupakan) selepas memakan Satay Haji Samuri.Pada hari minggu yang lalu, teman berserta dengan adik teman (2 family) baru pulang dari Sungai Chongkak.

    Dalam perjalanan pulang, kami bercadang untuk singgah di Awan
    Besar untuk makan malam – apalagi, sataylah!!! (jawab anak-anak).

    Masing-masing semuanya tengah kelaparan sebab sehari suntuk bermandi-manda di sungai. Setibanya di sana, kami pun order seperti biasa (masa tu orang yang makan dan bawa pulang punyalah ramai). Kami pun makanlah dengan penuh berselera sekali tanpa menghiraukan orang sekeliling.

    Setelah kenyang, suami teman pergi ke surau untuk solat maghrib & adik ipar teman ke toilet & hisap rokok sebentar. Lebih kurang 15 minit kemudian kamipun bayar bil & berlalu dari Awan Besar (nak balik rumah awal, sebab esok anak-anak nak sekolah).

    Dalam perjalanan pulang, teman dah rasa ngantuk sebab kenyang sangat,
    tiba-tiba adik teman menegur suaminya “Papa, tadi makan satay banyak betul!!” Terus adik ipar teman cerita…

    “Kalau korang, dengar cerita ni, mesti tak nak makan satay kajang lagi………..” Semua yang ada dalam kereta tanya dia

    “Kenapa??” Dia pun cerita, setelah dia pergi ke toilet, dia pergi hisap rokok di tepi toilet tu dekat belakang kedai Satay Haji Samuri (kedainya di sebelah tepi sekali). Dia memerhatikan seorang pekerja sedang menyatukan sisa-sisa kuah satay (yang biasanya dalam mangkuk kecik-kecik) ke dalam sebuah mangkuk besar.

    Seorang pekerja lagi sedang mengumpulkan lidi satay yang telah digunakan orang ke dalam satu bekas besar. Adik ipar teman ni secara
    spontan bertanya kepada pekerja yang sedang menuang sisa kuah satay
    tadi (sebab jaraknya lebih dekat dari pekerja yang sedang mengumpul lidi

    “Dik, kuah ni nak buang ke?” Jawab pekerja tadi,
    “Taklah bang, mana boleh buang, kuah ni mahal tau, kita pakai balik…..”
    Adik ipar teman, terkejut betul dengan jawapan tadi, dia pun tanya lagi … “Lidi-lidi tu pun tak buang ke?”

    Jawab pekerja tadi, “Ialah bang, kita cucuk satay balik” Pada mulanya
    adik ipar teman, ingatkan pekerja tadi bergurau saja, rupa-rupanya
    pekerja tu bercakap benar.

    Kemudian, dia lihat pekerja itu terus bangun dan membawa sisa kuah yang telah disatukan ke dalam mangkuk besar tadi ke dalam kedai (mungkin untuk di hidangkan semula).

    Setelah melihat kejadian tadi, adik ipar ku pun terus berlalu dan memegang perutnya sebab dah kenyang makan satay………

    Kami di dalam kereta yang mendengar cerita tersebut sungguh terkejut dengan cerita tadi. Teman berapa kali tanya adik ipar teman,

    “Betul ke ni, Fozi…..” (terasa loya pun ada). “Betullah”,
    jawabnya . Selepas itu bermacam-macamlah perkataan keluar
    untuk melepaskan perasaan geram & marah.

    “Cuba bayangkan kita makan sisa kuah satay tu, entah-entah Cina, India,
    semuanya di campurkan sekali..ee gelinya!” “Ialah, kita manalah tahu kalau orang yang makan ada penyakit HIV ke, penyakit yang senang berjangkit,”

    “Lidinya orang dah gigit-gigit lepas tu kita pulak gigit….” “Patutlah,
    kita makan sedap aje…..” “Agak-agaknya, dia malas nak masak selalu kuah tu, diam main tambah-tambah aje….” “Entah-entah, itu
    dia punya petua untukpelarisnya kot…………….”

    “Wallahuallam bissawab”

    Suami temanpun cakap untuk meredakan suasana –
    well, sekarang kita dah tahu, lepas ini tak janganlah makan lagi Satay Haji Samuri dan kita sebarkan berita ni kat internet supaya orang lain pun sedar….Itulah ceritanya, so kalau you all nak makan satay, kenalah

    Tapi yang nyata, teman tak akan makan Satay Kajang lagi ……………….


  7. Hello fellow eater, I just want to add my few sen thoughts… I think Hj Samuri is a wee bit overrated since it is strategically located in Kajang Main Hall/ and what used to be the Main Road of Kajang Town itself… there are other shops which sell satay like Satay Malaysia (my apologies if you have done a review on this but I am running out of time to cruise through your fine and mouth-watering inducing blog!) and believe me, Kajang is NOT just ABOUT Satay! If you ‘dare’ to negotiate around the streets (since Kajang is infamous for its strange routes) and housing estates of Kajang, you’ll be marveled by what Kajang can offer… Much, much more!

    Akt’s last blog post..Stumbled upon a goldmine of blogs….

  8. Hi,

    Satay Kajang very famous, but Satay muar also famous in Malaysia. In Muar , Satay are very famous in the morning breakfast time and also during dinner. Muar style, satay you can eat with Mee Rebus, Lontong or Soto.

    The famous satay shop in Muar at the Bangunan Mara in front of Bus stand terminal bus express ( Muarian called it Bus Stand Pagoh ).

    The Shop is near to the Jejantas And the shop name is ” Renneny’s Terminal Satay Muar”.

    You can try the special ” Kuah Kacang” and for me the taste are different compare to others. The Mee Rebus also different because i think the owner use a totally prawn and potatoes inside the kuah.

    So, don’t forget to try it!

  9. salam
    saya adalah salah seorang pengemar sate kajang Hj. SAMURI. tetapi baru saja lima minit yang lepas saya dan rakan-rakan saya menikmati sate yang di beli di restoran jejanas sg. buluh kami dapati sate ayam ada terasa bau masam dan ada yang masih mentah lagi dan sate daging terasa mentah lagi.saya telah membuat aduan kpd. penerima pesanan saya dan dia menyuruh saya menghantar dgn mengasingkan yang mana mentah dan yg berbau itu.tapi waktu itu dah pukul 11.50pm . rasa tak sempat nak sampai kerana kedai sate akan tutup pukul 12.30am.jadi saya terpanggil untuk membuat komen didalam email ini.saya dan rakan -rakan memang kerap kali menempah sate direstoran tersebut.saya berharap agar pihak sate kajang hj. samuri dapat memberi makanan yang berkuliti kepada pelanggannya. dan no. resit ialah 000000#000916 clerk 01 tarikh 31/10/2008 jam 22.50. dan jika pihak tuan hendak menghubungi saya bolehlah hubungi ditalian 0192120169. razali bin rashid

  10. The story dat I want to relate may seemed as a shock but its the TRUTH!!! I went to Haji Samuri Satay Kajang one evening with my frenz to savour the famous satay as mentioned by lots. At 1 point, we finished the gravy as its sooo tasty. I approached the onwer for more gravy but he’s toobust & so does his assistance. Since the pot that was filled wif gravy was placed outside, I helped myself with the tasty gravy. I was happily scooping the gravy when to my horror, I SAW A SANITARY PAD IN THE POT OF GRAVY!! I repeat SANITARY PAD!!! Feeling furious, I approached the owner to ask him but she wanted to shut me up by giving me RM500. I was even angry & told him off before leaving the stall. I’M NEVER GONA GO THERE AGAIN!!!

    vk: If that’s true then it’s really really shocking!

  11. Have you tried Jumain Satay in Singapore?
    It’s Sataysfaction guaranteed.

    vk: Hi Philip, I don’t have the opportunity to travel to Singapore to try the food yet. But thanks for the recommendation, I will keep this in mind for my future trip :)

  12. I would suggest you guys to try on the Satay at 11th miles Cheras. It is a little bit pricey but the meat is bigger and the quality is much better controlled. No more charred satay. You get succulent juicy minus the fat meat…

  13. hye, i’m new follower of your blog..
    its interesting to talk about satay kjg coz i’m living near with this town..
    nowdays, satay kjg no more glorious..all due to their food preparation..
    satay x masak, kuah hangit..
    but now heard that there were improve to overcome this problem..
    btw, i want to share some info about this restaurant..
    long ago2 hj.samuri sold his satay with his old cycle..
    but know, he become a millionnare..
    i have my friend that related to the owner..
    he said that the coz of cucumber for the month is rm 1 million..
    i dont know it is true or not..

  14. Tried it last Friday nite. Reached there around 10:30 pm, that place was packed till late nite. Only chicken and beef available, ordered 100+ for 10 pax. I would give 3 points for a 5 points scale for the satay, 2 point for the peanut sauce, as it was diluted. Overall not that good at all, may be I had high expectation. My colleague had bought some satay from kota damansara, taste better. Anyone know this satay store opposite the shell station (ex-projet) in Kota Damansara? I have not been there, as my colleague tapau from that place.

  15. This Satay Last Time Wast Good……..;last time it was a good place for me
    after that
    wow sucks ………… some satay even is cold when came here…………..
    they service ………….. u call them take thing here ……… must call 2 to 3 time ……………..
    call to bill oso lazy ………… haizz

  16. Like the other writer mentioned, Satay Kajang is overrated. Against the advise of my Malaysian friends, we happily went there expecting to be served with the best satay ever. NOT !!!!! Being foodies from Singapore, we ordered Mutton, Beef, Chicken and Deer. The mutton and beef tasted similar. They were either overcooked or undercooked that you can still see the blood. The chicken have a sourish taste and we were given a nasty look when we complained about it. The deer – simply cannot make it. We ordered a total of 200 sticks for the four of us but only touched about 10 sticks.

    The gravy is just so so with no spices only sambal.

    I don’t mean to do any bashing here but I’ve always thought that the other negative reviews I read are not really true… until I experienced it for myself. To those staying in Singapore, don’t waste your time.

    Upon reading Philip comment about Jumain Satay, I googled and read a lot of reviews of this company. Wow! I never knew such a big satay company existed.

    I went down with 6 makan buddies last night to eat Jumain Satay at Lau Pa Sat. Almost missed it coz I saw many stalls with the sign Asli satay club. Only when I read their menu did I realised that all 5 stalls there are run by Jumain Satay. Get this, they have many variations aside from the normal satay. Although we like their traditional satay, I’d have to say we have this – 14 thumbs up for their Tender Satay. OMG! Never before have we tasted satay so good. And you really have to try their Vege satay (they refused to reveal what goes into it only to say that there’s mushroom). If you closed your eyes, you can’t even tell that it’s vege….haha… One more from the menu that’s to our liking – the spicy and hot chicken. A good pairing with our Tiger….

    Sorry that I’m gushing like this, but the taste is still on my mind… it surely beats Kajang Satay anytime…
    It’s Jumain Satay for me now & I’ll be going down again soon. I really want to try what they call Smoker’s Lung (it’s copyrighted I think) and babbat. Hopefully I don’t chicken out coz they hinted that it’s all spare parts :D

  17. Citer ku begini, lebih kurang 3 minggu lepas (early January 2010) sy ke gerai satay tepi sungai (Medan Satay), masa tu ada ramai pekerja ambil order, bayar selepas makan. Hari ni (2 Feb 2010) sy singgah lagi ke sana, akan tetapi suasana dah berubah, hanya 2 orang pekerja menghantar pesanan, pulak tu kena ke kaunter cashier buat pesanan, byr dulu termasuk cukai perkhidmatan 5%, kebetulan pergi sorang, memula duduk lepas 10 minit tiada sorang pun datang ambil order, nampak sorang pekerja baru lepas hantar pesanan orang lain, mintak ambil order, sy diarahkan ke cashier, bila cashier tanya nombor meja, kena sy tunjukkan meja sekian-sekian (tiada nombor la tu) lepas byr, pergi ke meja tu semula orang lain lak duduk, kena duduk meja sebelah, pastu pekerja hantar pesanan meja asal ku, yg duduk sekeluarga terpinga, dia order untuk 4 orang, sampai sorang punya, sib baik aku nampak, kena bagitau pekerja tu, haru betul.
    Kalau korang nak makan kat sini hanya 2 jenis satay je ada (ayam dan daging) lelain toksah tanya. Mana pergi satay rusa ??, ikan ??, perut ?? babat?? kambing ?? dll, patutla akhir2 ni macam kurang orang kat sana. Adakah ni petunjuk Satay Samuri Kajang semakin maju mcm KFC or McD? yg juga kenakan gov tax 5% atau ???……

  18. I find your blog very interesting and love all your other posts especially those about good places to eat in around Malaysia. After reading your posts I feel like going to all those places and trying out all the food that you’ve mentioned. Do keep posting, and I will definitely bookmark your blog so I can read future posts and know about more cool places to go to the next time I’m in West Malaysia.

  19. I am from Kajang and stay there for more then 8 years. After I read on some of the comment here. I feel that it is true. Not to bad mouth this shop, I really don’t like it with reason as below:
    1. The meat is not fully cook
    2.In between the meat there is a layer of fat skin
    3.Price is not cheap

    Thus if you really like satay, I don’t recomment you to come here as you will found the comment stated in this blog is true.

  20. Just last night stop by at the R&R Awan Besar having the satay……Awesome…..no regret, all the way from Kedah…….wanted to go to Kajang but here Ika also the same…..only thing to improved is the kuah kacang, not really that great and cold.

  21. had dinner at main outlet in Kajang and it was horrible. the meat was likely mass-produced, frozen for days & never thawed properly before it was cooked. the meat was lumpy and not crispy as it should had been. the meat stucked hard on the stick and probably easier to eat a raw carrot. i regretted not going to the smaller outlets which had better reviews vs. this main outlet housed in a massive complex that can serve upwards of 1000 customers.

  22. Hi, I have read some of the comments here. Some are very negative. Since I live in Kajang, I had my fair share of satay over the years. And most of them are from Haji Sahmuri. I did have a bad experience there once but I never told anyone because I was young, stupid, and still in school at the time. I was having lunch there with my mom and my sister. We ordered the usual ayam and daging combo. Of all the satays we had I was the unlucky one to pick the bad one. A really, really bad one. It was a chicken one, and it taste like it had been in the trash for 3 days. Do you know the smell of chicken that hadn’t been stored in the freezer and left in room temperature for a long time? That was what I was tasting in my mouth. I nearly gagged. But I didn’t say anything to my mom because I was in a weird phase that time. I didn’t talk much and I was not very educated about the standard of food safety. The only thing I was most weirded out about is that that was the only satay that was bad from the whole bunch we had. I was confused and starting to think that I was the one who is in the wrong here. Now that I start to think about it, it was a miracle that I didn’t die from food poisoning that day. Over the years, we as a family had grown out of Haji Sahmuri as well, we prefer to get our satay from the food court in front of Plaza Metro Kajang, which was where the first shop that Haji Sahmuri operated. Their old outlet is still there. We get our satay from the neighbouring shop though. My father said the shop that we got our satay is owned by the father-in-law of Haji Sahmuri. And the other shops there are all owned by their family. A little fun facts for you there.


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