Haji Samuri Kajang Satay

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This was my dinner tonight – Haji Samuri‘s famous Kajang Satay. It’s surprisingly fast and cheap to reach Kajang town from Seri Kembangan, only 20 minutes and RM1 toll. The real problem starts when you’re in Kajang town itself. It’s a small town but there’s a lot of cars. So, getting around would take quite a while even for a short distance. Read more if satays interest you..

Haji Samuri Kajang Satay

We ordered 10 chicken satays, 10 fish satays and 5 beef tripes satay. Beef tripes is at 9 o’clock, chicken at 6 while fish at 12.

satay kuah

Ketupat (rice dumpling) and the mandatory cucumbers as side dishes. Received some chain emails that cucumber helps to offset the satay’s cancerous effect.. I don’t know if this is real but fruits are good.. so finish them lah. The gravy which is brown greyish is sweet and loaded with peanuts. Chili is provided separately and you can customize your own peanut sauce’s spiciness. For me, I like it spicy. Apparently, the gravy is sooooo tasty for some people. I saw a girl eating the gravy only before the satay arrived using a spoon. Really so nice meh? LOL.

Haji Samuri satay kajang restaurant

Haji Samuri is really a huge restaurant, clean too. There are two floors and there’s an air conditioned section. I didn’t know this until I went exploring the restaurant after my meal. The air conditioned area is at the ground floor, just in front of the kitchen. Head there if you want a nicer environment.

BBQ satay kajang

The first floor is the only place where you can see the workers prepare the satays clearly. Interesting.

Haji Samuri kajang satay

The satays are good, no doubt about that. The chicken satay is the best among all, and all are equally priced at RM0.60 per stick. The special ones which cost more are rabbit (RM1.60!), deer and mutton. Too bad the rabbit satays were sold out, I really wanted to try it. Rabbit meat is said to have a really good texture and taste.

Haji Samuri satay kajang restaurant

This is how big the satay restaurant is.. it’s like a complex!

best kajang satay

A piece of advice.. don’t order so many satays at once.. Although they are really good, it’s better to order them in small batches. Order a few first, then ask for more if you really feel like it. For us, we felt very full and had a loathe (feel sien) for the satays already after 5-6 sticks. Also, you don’t need to travel to Kajang for the real thing because they already have a branch in Damansara Uptown, PJ. I wonder if the quality’s the same? Hmm..

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