Dapur Sarawak @ Jalan Sarikei, KL – Halal Kolo Mee

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Halal Kolo Mee, also known as Mee Kolok is rare to come by in KL. This simple yet delicious noodle not only managed to captivate the heart of Sarawakians, it is also gaining popularity among locals especially the Muslims.

Dapur Sarawak Restaurant KL

Dapur Sarawak was highly recommended by a Sarawakian friend, saying it’s her favorite place to go for halal Kolok Mee. Besides Kolok Mee, their extensive menu also features a whole lot of other Sarawak delicacies such as Sarawak Laksa, bihun belacan, nasi Manok (Sarawak style ayam bakar), jagung ais, milo tabur and the list goes on.

Dapur Sarawak Mee Kolok Udang

Since Dapur Sarawak is more like a cafe, the prices are slightly higher but still at affrodable level. The Kolok Mee offered here is available with chicken or beef, prawn, special (mix of prawn and meat) and even kosong, which means you get a plain serving without any toppings.
Among all, the Mi Kolok Udang @ RM7 (small) looked the most interesting. Taste wise, it didn’t disappoint but it didn’t really wow us either. The noodle felt a bit dry so you need to give it a good toss as soon as it arrives while it’s still hot, or it would clump up badly.
After consulting my friend, apparently we missed out on the dark soya sauce which was supposed to go with the Kolok Mee. That would explain why our experience was lower than expected. So if you are here, remember to add the sauce mentioned earlier.

Dapur Sarawak Mee Kolok Goreng Special

Another interesting and unique dish we found on the menu is Mi Kolok Goreng. We had the special version @ RM10.50 and it was delicious, mostly due to the noodle’s springy texture. Flavour wise it was pretty much similar to any mee goreng out there, a good one that is.

Dapur Sarawak Laksa Sarawak

Although it wasn’t what came for, the Laksa Sarawak here is so good that you can’t afford to miss. The soup base has that right consistency, balanced in flavor and the sambal simply works complete the experience.
In fact, this is way better than Auntie Christina‘s. The only thing worth nitpicking about the laksa here is the poor quality of the prawns.

Dapur Sarawak ABC Special

Unless you are really craving for it, you can forget about the ABC Special @ RM3. It’s quite diluted and boring.

Dapur Sarawak Jalan Sarikei KL

In a nutshell: come for the Laksa Sarawak. If pork is not an issue for you, you can forget about the Mee Kolok here and head to Hou Wong instead. Lastly, be smart when selecting your drinks/desserts, always stick to the tried and trusted stuff. Dapur Sarawak has a branch in Shah Alam too, details as follow.

Dapur Sarawak

KL: No.19, Jln Sarikei Off Jln Pahang, 53000 KL
Shah Alam branch: XG-23, Jalan Plumbum X7/X , Seksyen 7 Shah Alam
Business hours: 10am to 11:30pm, closed on Fridays
Tel: 014-883 7211 / 012-886 6301

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