Happy City Steamboat Restaurant (Live Seafood) @ Kepong


When it comes to steamboat I bet most of you think of going for the buffet type first. Although it’s cheaper and you get to eat all you can, the ingredients are often those of cheap and of substandard freshness. Most of the time I leave the restaurant unsatisfied.
Alternatively, by spending 20-30% more you could have a nice steamboat meal at Happy City Steamboat Restaurant just a street away from Carrefour Kepong. As far as steamboat goes this is surprisingly good and the seafood set actually comes with LIVE seafood!


By the way do you notice Kepong and Menjalara area are filled with steamboat restaurants at every corner? There must be an explanation to this..


A few seafood sets are available, broken down according to the number of pax. For a 2-3 pax set, it cost RM79.90 and it comes with tiger prawns, various seafood like scallop, mussels and etc (one of each only), and a choice of flower crabs or a whole fish (choice of Red Snapper or White Pomfret).


Also included in the set is a standard personal set in Happy City, which contains the usual processed food is included but the amount is little so you will definitely feel you are having a proper seafood steamboat. Even then, the processed food tastes a lot better than the rest. I especially liked the Sui Kaw.


The choices of soup here is also not limited to clear and tomyam only. I highly recommend the Drunken Pot @ RM15 (yes, you need to pay for the soup base) It derives the flavor and sweetness from the various Chinese herbs used to cook it like goji berry and Chinese dates.
Best of all it does not feel like you’re purely drinking MSG only, eww. Anyway, a separate bottle of Chinese wine is provided for you to adjust the level of “drunkenness” to your liking.


Actually I did not know or even expected live seafood from the set. So when the tiger prawns arrived covered I was kinda baffled. Then the prawns suddenly moved and jumped, so strong even the cover was toppled. These prawns are as fresh as you could get, to be cooked alive and eaten immediately. Sea fresh too, not those farmed ones.


You know those farmed prawns that always have shells sticking to the flesh? I really dislike those. Compared to these, it’s like heaven and earth’s difference. The shells came off so easily in one piece and the flesh was so firm. Simply delicious.


Big, live, sandless and juicy clams, fresh from the tanks. 200g of it, also included in the seafood set.


We were feeling lazy to peel crabs so we chose fish instead. Plus, we were told that a batch of fresh red snappers just arrived, which was highly recommended by the restaurant. We were sold and did not regret the decision at all.
Like the prawns and clams, the fish was taken from the tank alive and prepared upon order. Its size was huge with plenty of meat, tasted damn fresh and nice. The key is to not overcook it.


The bill came to a total of RM97 for a meal like this (3 pax) inclusive of drinks. I feel the price is justified considering steamboat buffets in this area cost about RM24-26 per pax. By adding a few bucks you could actually enjoy better and fresher seafood so the comparison is a no brainer. The seafood you have here is even fresher than those you buy from the market!
So you could choose to either indulge in high quality food, or stuff yourself silly with subpar quality food. And most importantly I left as a happy customer. No wonder they name it Happy City Steamboat, lol.

Happy City Steamboat (next to Carrefour)
Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2
Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.836 E101 38.691
Tel: 03-2552 4849

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  1. great pictures and man am i hungry now, good stuff dude=) close to a hundred bucks for three people is nothing to sneeze at but even if it’s half as good it’s as you say i’d be convinced! thanks for the insight, cheers!

  2. I swear thats a grouper’s head and not a red snapper’s… lol… the rest of the fish looks like it is from a snapper though.. I’ve caught quite a few groupers and red snapper to know the difference… then again, the market price of a grouper and a red snapper is quite similar.. in some places, groupers might be even more expensive..

  3. i actually passed by this shop last week with my family.. we went to our relative’s party and passed by this shop which is packed with ppl.. i have not been to kepong before until that day, my first impression is that the place near the Carrefour there have a lot of shops and most of them is full with customers during the dinner time.. the food served is really fresh enough to attract ppl i guess..

  4. dangg…can u recommend some other chinese steamboat restaurant or maybe japanese/korean sukiyaki +- bbq.
    with no excessive porky or non at all. i have been exploring here for a few days, only to plan my food hunt list for this weekend but still haven’t decide yet which 1 to go. too much gooding stuff here..hehhe :)..

  5. HI, for all ppl would like to buy seafood…i have sell some kind of seafood such as – Lala, ikan pari pari, sotong, Slice abalone, prawn and ostrich meat too.(for you information, my all seafood come from pasar borong so all the price was suppelier price).for interested order stock, we are required you may order early so i can prepare for you…you may contact my phone for more information….my phone number is 017-3099589

  6. thanks for review of this steamboat restaurant!

    I was pass by this restaurant few times but never feel want to give it a try! never think that they selling fresh seafood for steamboat~~


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