Harbour Steamboat (海港火锅) @ Sri Petaling

Harbour Steamboat Sri Petaling
Harbour Steamboat Sri Petaling

I have always known that Harbour Steamboat is one of the best steamboat restaurants in KL. But it’s only recently that we finally managed to eat here.
Believe it or not, our prior two prior visits back in 2013 and 2015 resulted in us walking away because the restaurant was full house.The waiting line was so long that it filled the entire five foot way. So if you plan to eat here, reservation is recommended especially if it’s a weekend. Either that, or come as early as possible.

Harbour Steamboat Sri Petaling

Harbour Steamboat serves HK-style steamboat and Macau pork bone soup is their signature soup. Unlike most steamboat restaurants in town, they don’t serve sets so everything is ala carte.
Luckily the menu options are great and most of them are natural ingredients plus a couple of hand made items. You won’t get any artificially flavored scallop or lobster balls here.

Harbour Steamboat Chili Dipping Sauce

Their dipping sauce is also unique and you can customize the taste according to your liking. There are 6 condiments which you can combine: fu yu (fermented beancurd), Chinese parsley, soy sauce, chili sauce, chili paste and garlic oil.
They taste odd individually but once you mix them up, it’s delicious! FYI Hong Kong Hot Pot and Xiao Lao Wang also offer a similar style of dipping sauce.

Harbour Steamboat Macau Pork Soup

Although no sets are available, ordering wouldn’t be a problem for couples because almost every item can be ordered in half the portion. The prices are kept reasonably affordable too and nothing really exceeds the RM10 mark unless it’s a seafood like prawn or mussel.
We also like that the staff is as helpful as they can be. They will make recommendations based on your party size to ensure you don’t over order.
We had the Macau Pork Soup (half @ RM11) and Herbal Soup (half @ RM8). The pork soup was great, rich and flavorful, almost similar to those you get in a pork noodle but we felt the herbal version was just alright, nothing extraordinary.

Harbour Steamboat Special Pork and Beef Slices

Special Beef Fat Slice (half @ RM11) and Special Pork Slice (half @ RM8) – our must haves when having steamboat.

Harbour Steamboat Prawn Wan Tan
Harbour Steamboat Steamboat Wan Tan

Prawn Wan Tan (half @ RM7) – plump and succulent and stays in shape after being cooked, recommended.

Harbour Steamboat Prawn Ball Mushroom Pork Ball

Prawn Ball (half @ RM7) and Pork Mushroom Ball (half @ RM6). The prawn ball tasted like har gao without the skin, very nice.

Harbour Steamboat Fresh Pork Slice
Harbour Steamboat Marinated Chicken Slice

Marinated chicken slices (half @ RM6) and fresh pork slice (half @ RM6). The fresh pork slice is lean yet tender, it’s as good as the fatty version shown earlier.

Harbour Steamboat Restaurant Sri Petaling

Overall it was an extremely satisfying steamboat meal which we thoroughly enjoyed. Looking at the soup and pork ingredients they have, it only makes sense that they also serve pork noodle in the afternoon.
If you are looking for a steamboat meal with decent soup, great dipping sauce that doesn’t emphasize on processed food, Harbour Steamboat is the place to be. It’s a pity that all their branches are so far away from us in Kepong.

Harbour Steamboat (Sri Petaling)

No.19, Jalan 13/149L, Taman Seri Petaling, 57000 KL
Tel: 03-9054 5597 (booking 4pm – 11pm)
Business hours: 4pm – 11.30pm

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