Harley’s Burgers @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL


One would usually associate burgers with unhealthy fast food in Malaysia but Harley’s at TTDI might be out to change this perception. Inspired by the American In-N-Out, Harley’s emphasizes on freshness of their burgers by doing away with preservatives.
Their 100% Australian beef patties are never frozen nor precooked and all orders are cooked at the time of order to ensure freshness. Make no mistake though, Harley’s is a home-grown Malaysian brand which is in the midst of expanding the number of outlets locally after a successful test run in Yangon, Myanmar.

Harley's Set-Meal

The straightforward menu offers 3 varieties of hamburger, one chicken burger and two types of fried chicken. To make it a meal, you could choose ice lemon tea or ginger tea then select another side of potato salad, coleslaw or classic fries. For an additional RM2.50 you could upgrade the beverage into a more satisfying and filling milkshake – a popular choice amongst the customers.

Harley's Cheese-Burger

I have a habit of comparing how the burger looks compared to what was advertised. In this case, Harley’s burgers certainly passed the test as they look similar to the ads and appear appetizing as well.
As for the burger sauce you could choose between the Harley’s mayonnaise based secret sauce or classic BBQ sauce. Both tasted equally good, with their own merits so it’s really up to your own preference.
And since they do not overdo the sauce, the burger fits in your hand, holds well together and does not fall apart into a sloppy mess. You could still, however request for more sauce (at no additional charge at the moment) if you want.

Harley's 2x2-Burger

The Cheeseburger @ RM7.90 is a classic rendition and you could actually taste the natural flavour of the beef. Freshness of the veggies was apparent from the crisp crunch of the lettuce, onion and juicy tomatoes. For meat lovers the 2×2 burger @ RM11.90 is not to be missed.
It is essentially a cheeseburger with double the meat and cheese. If you are feeling really carnivorous you could even order a 3×3, 4×4 or as much as your appetite and wallet allow.

Harley's Chicken-Burger

As for non beef eaters, you won’t feel left out as the crunchy Chicken Burger @ RM6.90 made with a whole chicken thigh is a real delight on its own.

Harley's Crispy-Chicken


We also managed to try the Crispy Chicken (4pcs @ RM14.90) which emerged as the biggest surprise of the meal. The large pieces of fried chicken (sauce sachet for scale) put the other larger franchises to shame and like the burgers, they were only cooked upon order.
Despite having to wait 15 minutes for it, the wait was simply worth it because the fried chicken stayed hot and crispy throughout the meal.


Overall it was a satisfying experience at Harley’s and hopefully the food will be as good when new branches open in the future. Price-wise, we felt it was reasonable considering most of the ingredients used in the burgers were noticeably superior compared to the rest.


LG-01 & LG-0, LGB Tower
No.1, Jalan Wan Kadir,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail 60000 KL
Business hour: 7.30am – 11pm

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  1. Question: How does a 100% Australian beef patty can be made from fresh, unfrozen in Malaysia? Either it is a Malaysian beef or frozen Australian beef. I don’t think that’s a true statement.


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