Haven Restaurant @ Ampang Look Out Point, Jalan Ampang – Hulu Langat

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ATTENTION: Look Out Point has been closed to public by the Kajang Municipal Council. Read http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file=/2012/1/21/central/10303716&sec=central

Last year I wrote about Ampang Look-out Point and it became extremely popular, which to date has accumulated over 100,000 hits. There were rumors that the place has ceased operation hence the revisit to verify the claims myself.
I also believe there are still a number of people who do not know about this awesome place. So for those who are new to Look-out Point, it is actually a small hill at the edge of KL city dotted with various restaurants with panoramic view of KL city skyline as the backdrop.


This, is the reason why you should come to Ampang Look-out Point. Imagine this view right in front of you when you’re having your meal with your family and friends. I don’t really feel as excited anymore since this was my second time here, but the view is still quite awesome alright. If you have anyone you want to impress on a date, you know where to go now lol.


Bread and Olive I went last year is no more, it has been replaced with Haven’s Gallery that features Arts, Design and Food under one roof. It is owned by the same boss of Haven Restaurant so combined, they are now the biggest restaurants at Look-out Point.
A new restaurant called Panorama Restaurant has opened at the look out point tower, which means you couldn’t climb up the tower anymore unless you’re a paying customer I guess.


When I dined at Bread and Olive last time I felt the management did not fully utilize the restaurant’s strategic location, as they actually sealed the windows (which was dirty and blurry by the way) to the panoramic view. Haven, on the other hand fully tapped the potential by opening up the windows to the customers. After scouting the hill I could safely conclude this is the best spot to enjoy the view without any obstructions (eg tree branches, rails etc)


I am also glad to report that you could actually get good and affordable food here, in contrary to popular beliefs that restaurants at Look-out Point is mediocre and expensive. It all boils down to which restaurant you choose to eat at, and the type of food you order. If you went to Look-out Point ordering Mee Goreng Mamak that costs RM12.90 a plate I am simply speechless lol.
Honestly I didn’t expect myself to say this but Haven’s food managed to impress me in terms of tastiness and value. This Surf-n-Turf (Beef Fillet Steak served with Grilled Tiger Prawns) is only RM29 and most importantly it was nice! Coupled with the impressive view the dining experience could only get better.


Kudos to the kitchen for getting my steak cooked perfectly the way I want it. My only gripe is on the tiger prawns, they could be much fresher.


The Norwegian Salmon with Lemon Butter sauce was only RM26, served with creamy and delicious mashed potato.


Tiramisu @ RM15, not bad at all but rather small in portion.


Barbican is available here at RM5 a bottle and they also serve Middle Eastern Food like Kebabs and Hummus to cater to tourists.


Look Out Point Western Food restaurant is still standing strong.


Gasoline Cafe is still operating but not sure if they would still be here next year. There were news in the paper not long ago saying they would move out after this year ends due to rental increase of more than 3 folds amounting to RM18,000 a month.


I believe Haven should be doing best at the moment considering they have expanded in view of the increasing costs.




Then, the latest addition to Look-out Point: Panorama Restaurant. I was kinda hyped about this restaurant but it died down pretty fast after seeing it in person. They simply repainted the tower, put some tables in the tower and at the ground and call it a restaurant. Hmm.


Two menu system is implemented here, one for the ground customers, another for the tower ones. And since the seating area in the tower is considered more ‘premium’ they actually charge RM5 extra for the drinks and food. For example the Panorama Juice is RM14.90 if ordered at the normal seating area but RM19.90 if ordered from the tower. Despite the hefty price it was still a enjoyable drink.


I don’t know if the other food are as bad but the one we tried was horrible. The Grilled Jumbo Sausage @ RM14.90 tasted more like those bought from supermarkets, super salty one. Even the fries too. The only reason I could think of for anyone to actually eat at the tower is to enjoy the breezy cool wind, nothing more. And the view here isn’t particularly more beautiful either. Lets make a comparison:


The view from the original Haven restaurant.


View from Gasoline Cafe and Look Out Point Western Food. Not much difference right?


Again, if you haven’t been to Look-out Point before be sure to make it your next destination. And don’t let the rumors deter you from coming, as it is proven that the place is still very much alive. If you’re coming from KL, I recommend using AKLEH (Ampang KL Elevated Highway), just pay the RM1.50 toll and skip the jam along Jalan Ampang. I did this and reached the place hassle and stress free in just 30 minutes from Kepong.

ampang lookout point map

Attached is the same map from my old post that I still find quite relevant and helpful because it has quite a number of landmarks. Just for your information, you can choose to park at either the ground level or upper level, with the latter being more expensive at RM5. Or you could also park along the road (free but not recommended) and walk your way up.

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