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Fook Kee Fried Noodle @ Kampung Simee, Ipoh


Fook Kee (福记炒粉) is probably the most popular fried noodle stall in Kampung Simee. We stumbled upon them by accident after buying our egg tarts and kaya puffs from Quin Kee bakery to eat at the coffee shop they are operating from.

Fook Kee Fried Noodle Restoran Yu Yee

While enjoying our pastries, we noticed that orders kept pouring in and the aroma of the fried noodles was simply irrepressible. Naturally, the first thing we did was to Google about this place.
Surprisingly, no one has blogged or even mentioned about this fried noodle. So we were confident that we have unearthed a hidden gem.

Fook Kee Fried Noodle Ipoh Kampung Simee

However, when we tried to order, we were told that we had to wait at least 45 minutes due to the backlog of order. Just look at the number of plates lining up waiting to be fried.
We thought of leaving then, but eventually, we decided to wait because we knew we would regret the decision for going home without trying. To kill time, we went to have ABC at Fei Ma’s dessert stall just a few doors away.

Fook Kee Fried Noodle Uncle Kampung Simee Ipoh

What makes Fook Kee’s noodle special is that prawn stock is added to the wok while frying. That extra step infuses a rich and robust flavor into the noodle which gives it that unique savory taste.
Since prawn stock is a vital element in the noodles, they will stop serving as soon as it runs out. From what I was told, they prepare three pots of prawn stocks using 30kg of prawn shell daily. That’s a lot!

Fried Vermicelli Noodle Kampung Simee Ipoh

Fook Kee Fried Noodle Kampung Simee Ipoh

We tried two out of their six options: ‘Jin Hiong Mai’ (煎香米) and ‘Chao Kap Dai’ (炒及底) @ RM5 and RM5.50 respectively. The crowd’s favorite – ‘Jin Hiong Mai’ is a fried vermicelli noodle dish with gravy, while ‘Chao Kap Dai’ is a fried noodle with all the ingredients available at their stall such as pork slices, prawns and fish cakes. Both are equally delicious in their own right.

Fook Kee Fried Noodle Stall Ipoh

Foo Kee Fried Noodle Stall Kampung Simee Ipoh

The next time you are visiting Kampung Simee, do make it a point to have lunch here. You can also call the number below to pre-order your food.

Restoran Yu Yee Kampung Simee Ipoh

Fook Kee Fried Noodle (福记炒粉)

Restoran Yu Yee, Lebuh 3, Kg Simee, 31400 Ipoh
Business hours: 1pm – 5.30pm, closed on Sundays
Tel: 016-546 1671

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