Tong Sui Kai 糖水街 @ Ipoh

Tong Sui Kai Dessert Street Ipoh
Tong Sui Kai Dessert Street Ipoh

Tong Sui Kai Desserts

Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street) is one of the most happening eating places in Ipoh after the sun sets. The street is lined with dozens of food stalls mostly selling desserts (hence the name), snacks like rojak, boiled cockles and various noodles. There’s also a small section at the end dedicated to Malay food.

Tong Sui Kai Dessert Street Ipoh

Most of the people who come here are for Ipoh’s famed mixed fruits ABC. Every stall has its own unique rendition and presentation and there are dozens of them, that alone is a reason to return for more.

Tong Sui Kai Ipoh Stall No.27

Mixed Fruits ABC

Tong Sui Kai Boiled Cockles

Based on the tip given by a local, we tried stall 27 and 28. Both stalls seem to be owned by the same family so they don’t have any problem with us ordering from them. The reason I say this is because that there are unspoken seating rules you need to abide to.
For example, if you are ordering from stall A which sells mainly desserts and beverages, stall B which sells food might not let you sit at their tables. To avoid any possible scenario of getting sneered, better ask first before you take a seat.

Lemon Jelly Ice Dessert

Lemon Jelly Dessert

Besides mixed fruits ABC, another dessert you should try is 云头浪 or also known as Aiyu Jelly. It’s light and refreshing and more importantly, not as sugary compared to the ABC so you can enjoy it guilt free.

Hong Kong Sago Lolo Ipoh Tong Sui Kai

Rainbow Sago Lolo

Mango Sago Lolo

For those not interested in ABC, HK style sago dessert can be found at stall 38 – Hong Kong Sago Lolo. From what I surveyed, they are the only stall that serves this. Pictured above are the Rainbow Lolo and Mango Lolo.

Tong Sui Kai Ipoh at night


Address: Jalan Sultan Ekram, 30300 Ipoh
Business hours: 5.30pm – 1am (varies for each stall)

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