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Sei Ngan Chye Winner’s Fried Chicken @ Pudu


Sei Ngan Chye Fried Chicken Stall Pudu

At the beginning of Pudu‘s ‘wai sek kai’ is a popular fried chicken stall. The aroma of freshly fried chicken will hit you immediately as soon as you enter the street.

Winner's Fried Chicken

The stall’s name is ‘Sei Ngan Chye’ Winner’s Fried Chicken and there’s always a queue. Nothing goes to waste here, as any left over parts – as long as they are edible are also fried and sold. Example: chicken gizzard, feet, neck and carcass.

Pudu Fried Chicken

You can be guaranteed of the freshness here because they use fresh and not frozen chicken. Plus, the frying is done on the spot so the fried chicken always taste hot and crispy.
The only downside is that it might not be as hygienic as you would want it to be. But if you are OK with eating at any of the stalls along this street, you should do just fine here.

Sei Ngan Chye Fried Chicken in Pudu

Most of the customers take away but we usually eat on the spot to savour the fried chicken at its best. The batter is nicely seasoned, not too salty like those you get at mamak stalls and the meat is always moist and tender. So you can definitely eat them on their own with just some chili sauce.

Sei Ngan Chye Winner's Fried Chicken Pudu

As tasty as the fried chicken might be, I wouldn’t go all the way out just to eat here. Recommended if you’re nearby though, we always buy a piece or two to share whenever we are around. Another food stall worthy of your time is the fried radish cake just further down the street.

Sei Ngan Chye Winner’s Fried Chicken

Pudu Wai Sek Kai (Glutton Street)
Off Jalan Pudu, Pudu, 55100 KL
Business hours: 5pm till late

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