Mr & Mrs Chicken Healthy 120-Day Chicken Rice @ Pudu


Healthy food does not have to be boring, expensive nor bland. For a healthier version of chicken rice that tastes as good, if not better than the normal ones, check out Mr & Mrs Chicken in Pudu.
Their chicken rice is one of a kind for using 120 days free range chickens naturally raised on a diet of five grains and seaweed, hormone and antibiotic free too.


And since the chicken farm shares the same location with a passion fruit farm, the chickens would constantly feed on the fruits that dropped to the ground as well. So, the chickens are also called ‘百香鸡’ (passion fruit chicken).
It’s definitely an indicator of quality when the chickens eat better than people do. Flavor wise you won’t be disappointed, as the founder David has been in chicken rice business for decades.


For a more satisfying experience, opt for Mr & Mrs Chicken’s hearty and balanced meals @ RM16.90. Every set comes with fu chuk, single portion of 120-day chicken (roasted, Hainanese steamed or soy sauce), four pieces of rice balls, vegetable of the day, soup, Chinese tea and dessert. The chicken rice was cooked in a thick chicken broth, then hand rolled and pressed with a mold so their shapes are identical.


Besides roasted chicken, Hainanese steamed chicken and soy sauce chicken are also available for a la carte orders. Both were well-executed and served with homemade ginger and chili sauce. I especially liked the Hainanese steamed chicken for letting the chicken’s natural flavor shine through.


The Fried Chicken was introduced recently to appeal to the younger taste buds. But one thing for sure, even the adults will love this. After a while, the skin was still crispy and did not leave an oily aftertaste in the mouth. Nice!


If you are here in a group, I highly recommend the Stand-up Chicken as the must-try dish. What makes it stand out from the rest of ‘standing chicken’ in town is that it is roasted upon order and not deep fried in advance. Not to mention the 120 day passion fruit chicken is used.
Because of that there is a waiting time of about 20 minutes, but the wait is worth it as the specially roasted chicken tastes warm, fresher and juicier. You can immediately tell the difference in taste as soon as you bite into it.


Mr & Mrs Chicken also caters to private dining. The dishes are prepared with hiqh quality and locally sourced produce. From what we were told, some of them are really unique, such as red okra. Give them a call for more information!


Mr & Mrs Chicken

11 Jalan Kancil, Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 11am – 8pm, closed on Thursdays
Tel: 03-9224 2706

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