Hill Street Coffee Shop & Kris Krust @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre

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Hill Street Coffee Shop


Hill Street Coffee Shop is a chain of modern kopitiam from Singapore that recently entered the Malaysian market. Their first outlet can be found in MyTOWN Shopping Centre and offers a different kind of dining option in a special fire station environment.
If you have been searching for good Singaporean food such as Laksa, Fried Prawn Noodle and ‘Bak Chor Mee’, Hill Street Coffee Shop is the place to go.


Their menu has an extensive list of food but a couple of them are must tries in my opinion. Start with the ‘Bak Chor Mee’ (Minced Pork Noodle) @ RM15.90, a beloved hawker dish in Singapore that is almost impossible to get locally.
Noodle wise you have a choice of Mee Pok, Mee Kia or the ordinary yellow noodle. But I recommend taking the Mee Pok or Mee Kia for the sake of authenticity.


The main difference between Singaporean and our pork noodle is that theirs are added with black vinegar and chili sauce by default. The real, original flavor might not appeal to the average Malaysian so they have reduced the amount of black vinegar to suit our taste-buds. It’s also generously topped with minced pork, tender pork slices, pork balls, pork liver and plenty of lard. So you can imagine how satisfying it must be.


I have been longing for a proper Singapore style Laksa, which was I ordered it immediately when I saw it on the menu. Everything about the laksa broth is spot on and the consistency is as rich/lemak as you could possibly want it to be.


Even the cockles and prawns are decent sized and more importantly, fresh. At RM18.90 the price might feel a little steep, but keep in mind the portion is double of what you would normally get in Singapore.


Hill Street Coffee Shop’s Singapore-style Fried Hokkien Mee @ RM17.90 is probably the best rendition you could get in KL.
Forget about the one in Pavilion’s food court, this is the real deal. It’s also prepared with imported yellow noodle which is flatter and made with less alkaline water.


The Signature Nasi Lemak @ RM25.90 is the most option here. Served with all the works including a whole fried chicken thigh, beef satay, acar and sambal cuttlefish, it’s a good choice for those who like a variety of side dishes on one plate. Love it or hate it, the Singaporean sambal has a creamy consistency, sweet, spicy with a smoky kick.


All the accompanying side dishes are competently but the crispy fried chicken has to be the star. What makes it different from the rest is that it was marinated in a special Nanyang paste that’s only available in Singapore, giving it a unique flavor.


The typical char kway teow in Singapore is sweet and most locals will find it hard to accept. Luckily, Hill Street Coffee Shop acknowledged this fact and altered their recipe to have a Penang influence so it tastes savory. Like the laksa earlier, the Cockles Char Kway Teow @ RM16.90 also comes with plenty of seafood.


Being a kopitiam, you can expect lots of snacks perfect for a quick meet up or discussion: Steamed / Toasted Bread with a thick spread of butter and kaya @ RM5.50.


Half a dozen of Crispy Chicken Mid Wing @ RM13.90 – deep fried to a perfect golden brown with crunchy skin. Juicy on the inside too.


For drinks and dessert we tried their signature Hill Street Colada Float @ RM10.90 and Chendol @ RM12.90. The latter is drizzled with pure homemade Gula Melaka for a rich flavor and you can definitely smell the sweet aroma.


Hill Street Coffee Shop

B1-09, MyTOWN Shopping Centre
Tel: 03-2710 0057
Hours: 10am – 10pm

Kris Krust


Puff pastry burger has been around in American diners, but it’s not common in KL. Kris Krust is where you can try this unique burger that’s sandwiched between layers of flaky puff pastries. To ensure freshness, every burger is cooked upon order.


A few flavors are offered here: Honey Chicken Krust @ RM13 (as shown above), BBQ Beef Krust @ RM14, Fish Fillet Krust @ RM10 and Chicken Slice and Egg @ RM8. The prices shown are for ala carte but if you can top up RM5 for a side and drink. You can also opt to purchase add-ons such as egg or cheese at RM1 each.


I have tried most of the burgers at Kris Krust and my favorites are Honey Chicken Krust and Fish Fillet Krust. The ingredients used are of higher standard compared to those used in fast food restaurants, so the patties do not taste dry and the greens are fresher as well.


Currently, they are running a promotion where you can get a free chicken slice with purchase of any combo. If you are still on the fence, this would be the deal you are waiting for.


B1-078, MyTOWN Shopping Centre
Hours: 10am – 10pm
Tel: 03-2715 2354

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