Hing Kee Bak Kut Teh @ Jalan Besar Kepong


I am not sure what happened to Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh (Taman Kepong) because they appeared to be closed every time I visited them recently. It is one of my favorite makan places in Kepong so hopefully it is not a sign that they are gone for good.


So today we detoured to Hing Kee at Jalan Kepong instead which is another popular spot for Bak Kut Teh. Looking at the three shop lots they own, you could probably guess the huge volume of business they are doing daily. Quite a number of customers could already be seen eating there around 5.30pm even though they actually start at 6pm. And that includes us as well.
Anyway, if you read my post about Heng Kee earlier you would know that there are a couple of Heng Kee/Hing Kee in Klang Valley. Not only they share the exact Chinese name, even their menu and cooking styles are very similar. However, they do not share the same spelling in BM/English so they are obviously competitors. In short, Heng Kee is a standalone while Hing Kee is more like a chain restaurant with branches in KL and PJ.


We chose a mix of pork ribs and soft pork ribs for the Bak Kut Teh which cost RM12 for one person’s portion. They are quite generous with the meat so you could easily finish two bowls of rice with this. And you should know that the Bak Kut Teh here is prepared using light and clear soup that tastes slightly sweet, not the Hokkien style which is dark with a bitter aftertaste. The ‘you tiao’ @ RM2 tasted fresh and crispy and we were almost tempted to have seconds because it was really good. A separate bowl of soup is provided for dipping the ‘you tiao’, it has a stronger herb taste compared to the one served in claypot.


Dry Bak Kut Teh is available here (RM12 for 1 pax) too and I am glad it does not taste like a clone of Yap Chuan‘s. The ingredients are similar alright but Hing Kee’s version uses less dried squids and emphasizes more on spiciness instead. It really packs a kick!


The total damage for the meal? RM33 inclusive of two herbal drinks, three servings of ‘oily’ rice and whatever mentioned earlier. Will I return? Yes for sure.

No 28, Jalan Besar Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.832 E101 38.244
Tel: 012-5233 599
Business hours: 6pm to 2am (closed every alternate Monday)

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  1. We went to Heng BKT Delightthere at 1.30pm yesterday for lunch and we were the last customers. Helpers were already clearing and cleaning the place.

  2. We went to Heng BKT Delight’s @ Taman Kepong for our lunch at about 1.30pm yesterday. Turn out we were the last customer, almost everything sold out. Helpers were already clearing and cleaning the place.

    Found out from lady boss that they are open from 7am to 2pm (Mon – Sun) only. Wednesdays off.

  3. You should try the bak kut teh stall further up. This stall only opens at 10pm …its really near to Shell station, opposite Balai Polis Kepong.

  4. This Hing Kee is the apprentice of Taman Kepong’s Heng Kee BKT Delight. Heng Kee boss periodically teaches other people and they later set up shops (branches) in different places. Though each shop have their own flavours. I personally like this Hing Kee out of so many.


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