Ho Ho Steamboat with Roe Crabs @ Jalan Segambut, KL


If you see a steamboat post in my blog then it means the rainy season is here again – simply because it is the only time I would crave for steamboat. Although we went to Ho Ho Steamboat again, this time it was at their Jalan Segambut branch. This outlet is different from the rest in the sense that the premise is not the conventional shop lot but more of a private mansion.


The usual steamboat set, same price as the one we had at Menjalara, RM15.50 per head with a minimum order of 2 pax. The portion might look small, judging by the look of it but the amount given is actually just nice to satisfy two average adults. As for the ingredients’ freshness and quality, I do not have any complaints whatsoever considering the price paid.


One thing I like about Ho Ho Steamboat is that their broth is low in MSG and they don’t include a lot of nonsense processed food into their set. Even if there is, you will find the most common food around like fish ball and tofu pok to taste just a notch above the rest.


We also ordered two roe crabs, charged by the weight @ RM55/kg and this plate alone (800g/RM49.50) cost more than the steamboat set earlier. Kinda crazy right? But I don’t regret any cent I spent on them because they are just so delicious. Not only the flesh is sweet and tender, cooking them in the soup also makes it a lot more flavorful than it is. Towards the end, each sip of the soup felt like you are drinking the crabs in liquid form, no kidding.


There’s certainly something about steamboat-ing during a rainy night – comforting to be exact.


For your information this is also where the famous Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Fu can be found in the day. When night comes, the same premise continues to draw crowd when Ho Ho Steamboat takes over.

Ho Ho Steamboat Segambut
67 Jalan Segambut,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 10.911 E101 40.753

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  1. I prefer this type of steamboat.. Get more seafood instead of steamboat ingredients.. I not really like the steamboat ingredients, is like makan instant noodles.. I can get it at home too.. So, i prefer this type.. hehe


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