Hokkien Ta (Dry Prawn Mee) @ Sri Sentosa Coffee Shop, BM


Another popular food among BM people is the Hokkien Ta (Dry Prawn Mee) near Taman Sentosa. I still remember it as one of the earliest food I recommended when I just started to blog. It is also my sister’s favorite noodle, which she never misses for her Saturday breakfasts. A few days before the Chinese New Year we had our breakfast there, so here it is again.
By the way, my sister wanted me to convey a message saying that you will always find her enjoying the Hokkien Ta at this coffee shop every Saturday morning without fail lol.


The special things about the noodles are the noodle itself, which is self made by the stall owner, and the preparation method. Usually the Dry Prawn Mee in Penang are prepared by mixing dark soya sauce with some prawn noodle soup hence giving it a dark color. Here, dark soya sauce is not added at all, only pure prawn soup is used.


Other ingredients include prawns, char siew and pork ribs (upon request) I forgot how much it cost for a bowl with extra pork ribs but it should be within the range of RM3 to RM3.50. Those pork ribs are cooked for a long time until soft and tender.. highly recommended. In KL, adding two pieces easily cost RM2 but here they cost only half.


How it looked like after mixing up the noodles. If you look carefully, those are not the usual yellow mee used by other hawkers in their noodles. Some yellow noodles have a strong chemical smell which can be really nasty. If such noodles are used, it will spoil the taste entirely.. no matter how good your other ingredients are.
The self made ones are definitely better with slightly nicer and bouncier texture. But you gotta be early because the owner only prepares a few bags of noodles every day which sell out pretty fast.


This is the stall selling the Hokkien Ta. If you look at the right, there are three plastic bags. Inside them are the self made noodles I kept mentioning.. Oh yeah if you could read Chinese you also would know that chicken feet can be added too other than pork ribs. Whichever you like more lah.


Besides the Hokkien Ta, some other recommended food are wantan mee and chee cheong fun. Come early to avoid the huge crowd and disappointment! Sri Sentosa coffee shop is located in Taman Sentosa, just behind the famous City Seafood Restaurant.
Do refer the map in Wikimapia for a better picture, since there’s no notable landmarks nearby.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.196 E100 28.240

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  1. ei … opposite my house nia… chu cheong fun is nice der ~ my favourite ~

    vk: ooo, so near, good for you. I agree the CCF is quite nice

  2. Oooh i know!!!@B.M SRI SENTOSA coffee shop have many kind of food !
    1)hokkien Mee *****
    2)hokkien Ta *****
    3)pan mee ****
    4)curry mee ****
    5)wan tan mee ****
    6) kuih chap ****
    7)Tom yam Mee ****
    8) Nasi lemak ****
    9)char koay teow ****
    10)koay teow soup ****
    11)chee cheong fan ****
    12)Chicken rice with soup A’sam ****
    13)dim sum ,fry bee-hon & toast bread & …….

    p/s:***** =wah-great ‘****=well-Mmmm…

    This @coffee-shop stay at B.M over 37year’s ago! Now openning from 6:30a.m to 2:30p.m !
    I’m so gald to tell U all about the famous food at this cofee shop.

  3. Damn…. i miss this one!! i used to stay in Tmn Sentosa when i was young. The Java mee there is also awesome. Not sure if it’s in the same coffee shop. Cant remb the name. Opposite of the ‘medan selera’

    The dude selling 20yrs ago is still there :D
    Gonna give it a try again. Thanks for reminding. LOL

  4. Till up to date 5 Jan 2011 many people complaining that the price is EXTRA ordinary RM 4.30 per bowl. Quantity served remain same over the years except the price which hike every year without fail. Therefore judge for yourself for the price you are paying for your food.

  5. Hockian ta is now served by a new man. Do not taste the same 100 per cent. About rm5. You can get good hockian ta at Nibong Tebal old bus stop, Main road.


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