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Hometown Steamboat @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong


Our next stop in conquering the steamboat restaurants in Kepong is Hometown Steamboat at Bandar Menjalara. From what we have observed thus far they could be the busiest steamboat place in town and the crowd is still going even though they opened a few months ago. This was also the first time we had to queue for steamboat and we were given a number to wait for our turn. Luckily the turnover was quite fast so we only waited for about 10 minutes for our table.


Their a la carte menu is reasonably priced, food is fresh and they have a variety of soup bases to choose from. We only tried the clear and award winning Tom Yam soup and I have to say the latter is really good, definitely a must try for Tom Yam lovers. So with so many good factors it is no wonder they are so popular. But the service could be faster.


Instead of serving only one standard steamboat set, there are a few other sets you could choose from and each of them come with different ingredients and pricing. For example if you choose the single set @ RM16.80 shown above (the only set which you could order 1 pax portion) it will be the very generic type while the Seafood Set @ RM16.50/pax has a better selection of seafood with clams included. Another set is the Ketam Crystal Ball set @ RM15.50/pax that has more processed food – you get the drill. For dessert, ice cream fondue is available.


Signature pork slices – RM7.90


Special super thin pork slices – RM6.90


Home-made Ipoh style pork tendon balls – RM5.90


Fresh ‘Sar Bak’ clams – RM7. This is also listed as La La on the menu, which is kind of misleading if you ask me.


Special pork belly cubes – RM6.90

Our bill came out to a total of RM50.70 inclusive of drinks and the best thing is there are no tax and service charge. We thought the meal was worth the money we paid considering the amount of meat we had. As of now, Hometown is our 3rd favorite steamboat restaurant after Happy City and Ho Ho.


Hometown Steamboat (Kepong)
No 71, Jalan 11/62A,
Bandar Menjalara
Kepong 52200
Tel: 016-3484 868

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  1. Hometown was first opened at Jalan Genting Kelang, just a stone’s throw away from where I live. And is my favourite steamboat house since I was a kid.


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