Homemade Beef Burger @ Smok’inn Frogz Kitchen


Smok’inn Frogz Kitchen is said to serve one of the best homemade beef burgers in Singapore – a piece of information I sourced from various Singaporean food blogs. With that kind of reputation, it would be hard to go wrong I guess. So a friend and I embarked on an one-and-a-half hour long journey via MRT and bus to Bukit Timah Road just for a taste of the burger’s awesomeness.


Little did I expect that Smok’inn Frogz Kitchen is smacked right in the middle of a neighborhood in a coffee shop called Bar Bar Black Sheep (which is more like a bar actually) It also shares the space with two other food stalls that I didn’t care to know lol. Good thing al fresco dining is available because the indoor seats felt stuffy and smoky from the cooking in the kitchens nearby.


There are a few types of burger (beef and chicken) on the menu and among them are Mushroom Swiss Burger and their Homemade BBQ Beef Burger, both priced at $12. My friend had the Mushroom Swiss Burger that arrived with some fries and salad.

It looked very normal and in fact not very appetizing. But looks can be so deceiving. While not as awesome as we expected, it tasted a lot better than those served in fast food restaurants. The succulent and tender patty that was freshly handmade was definitely the distinctive factor for the difference.


The Homemade Beef Burger is different from the Mushroom Swiss for having caramelized onions instead of mushrooms and had mayonnaise and BBQ sauce as dressing. I remembered reading that the BBQ sauce given by default is too much hence dominating the burger’s taste. So I had mine ordered with less BBQ sauce.


And apparently it was a correct decision. Because even with reduced BBQ sauce the beef flavor in the patty was not that strong. For that, I still feel The Pink Sage’s American Classic Cheeseburger is still the burger to beat in the homemade-burger category.


For $4 you could get a huge cup of juice. Actual size is even bigger than what you’re looking on the screen now so I felt it was pretty worth it.


In all Smok’inn Frogz Kitchen burgers are great and I won’t mind coming back again for it if not for the ridiculously long journey I have to take. For me, 3 hours might be worth for first time but not really for the second. It’s like going to Ipoh for dim sum from KL and then return on the same day lol.

Smok’inn Frogz Kitchen
879 Bukit Timah Road

Opening hours
Weekdays: 5pm–9.45pm
Sat–Sun: 1pm–9.45pm

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    • 3 hours is a return trip so it’s 1.5 hours one way haha. I stay in the eastern part of Singapore.. and this place is in the center.. so using public transport is going to take a long time.

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