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Honda Showroom Curry Mee @ Jalan Sungai Pinang, Penang


A popular spot for Curry Mee at Penang in the morning is along Jalan Sungai Pinang, where a few hawkers have gathered to form a road-side eating spot. It is also where Penangites fondly refer as ‘the Curry Mee in front of Honda showroom’. Just so you know, this eating place is also next to a monsoon drain, not for those who are picky about cleanliness.


Unlike the usual Curry Laksa that already embodies the chili paste into the soup, Penang’s style separates them. Using a light coconut milk based soup, the taste and richness are increased with the addition of specially prepared chili paste. So the toppings aside, you could say chili paste is the main criterion that makes a good Penang Curry Mee. Even though it is a secret recipe among the hawkers, all of them would tell you the same thing when it comes to the chili paste’s prepartion: patience in slowly cooking it to maximize the fragrance.


From the looks the chili paste seem to be really hot but the spiciness is actually quite mild with some sweetness. So even with a few spoonfuls, the spiciness is still bearable. And that is actually nothing if you compare to the other hardcore eaters around, who just love the chili paste here.


A special bowl here costs about RM4-5 depending on how much seafood you are topping up. But rest assured they are worth adding because of the freshness and the lady boss isn’t stingy on the portion too. If you love cockles you would be glad to find those given here are larger than the usual and juicier as well.


Last time this hawker joint used to be an empty plot. It was due to the Curry Mee’s popularity that attracted the others to come in later. The Chee Cheong Fun and herbal duck soup noodle are said to be not bad and have their own following too.

Jalan Sungai Pinang (In front of Honda Sales and Service Centre)
8am till finish. Closed on Sundays and during major Chinese celebrations
GPS Coordinates: N5 24.468 E100 19.100

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