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Hong Hong Village Food House @ Subang Bestari, Shah Alam


Interestingly enough, Subang Bestari is not located in Subang, but in Shah Alam. This quiet and emerging township is seeing a lot of developments recently but most of the new commercial buildings are still empty.
Places like this usually have a handful of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and Hong Hong Village Food House could be considered as one for having a few unique Hakka-style dishes on their menu.


This is one of their signature dishes – Boneless Fish or what they call ‘Dinosaur Fish’. I don’t know what fish they used but apparently it’s stuffed with mackerel paste then deep fried into a crisp, golden brown. A dollop of home-made green sambal belacan with onions is served at the side for you to dip the fish.
While the fried fish itself is quite good on its own, it certainly tasted a lot better with the spicy sambal. Despite appearing like a simple dish, it costs RM31 for a portion like this. It might seem expensive but the portion is actually quite large and can be shared easily among three.


You won’t go wrong with the Braised Pork @ RM15 which I found this to be delicious and goes well with rice. The addition of dried chillies and dried cuttlefish strips into this savoury dish reminds me of dry Bak Kut Teh.


If you’re in the mood for duck then the Claypot Herbal Ginger Duck @ RM18 could be worth a try. The Chinese name of this dish could be loosely translated to “puppy duck” and from what I was told, safe to say you probably don’t want to know the story behind its name.
Anyway, don’t worry because it’s just a story and the duck is pretty good with a homely taste – that’s only if you don’t mind food with strong ginger taste.


Lastly, a green dish just to make the meal more wholesome. As ordinary as it might look, the stir fried Paku Choy @ RM7 was actually well cooked and the ferns still retained their sweet, fresh crunch.



If traditional Chinese dishes like these tickle your fancy, Hong Hong Village Food House could be worth dropping by. A couple of other dishes available that are worth mentioning include wild boar curry and yong tau fu. Otherwise, I think you might want to stick to the normal ‘dai chao’ that serves the more familiar dishes.

Hong Hong Village Food House
12G, Jalan Bulan U5/N,
Seksyen U5, Shah Alam
Tel: 03-7847 3933
Business hours: 11.30am – 3.30pm, 5.30pm – 9.30pm

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