How Kee Char Koay Teow

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Taman Sri Rambai is where my high school – Jit Sin High School (JSHS) is located. This neighbourhood is both fortunate and unlucky. Fortunate because the residents have easy access to a lot of food; and unlucky because its vulnerable to floods. Every morning the market’s sight is of people having their breakfast, housewives shopping for groceries and students going for tuition. Recently popular is the DVD business, selling the latest series from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. This really keeps the aunties and uncles busy lol. Anyway, Pusat Bimbingan Taman Sri Rambai was a popular tuition centre for Bahasa Malaysia. I had my tuition here too but I can’t remember how many classes I skipped to play games in cybercafes (yeah I was a stupid and lost student lol) Opposite the tuition centre is How Kee Seafood Restaurant. The last time I came here, this place was full of customers eating the Char Koay Teow.

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Thinking that so many people flocking this restaurant even though it only sells Char Koay Teow, that should be enough to speak for its tastiness. So last week I finally had a taste of it. The Char Koay Teow @ RM2.20 contained a few medium sized prawns, a lot of cockles and a few slices of fish cakes. This is quite unusual, because I thought only KL people fry Char Koay Teow with fish cakes. It tasted good, but not great.. still worthy for a post ;)

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