“How Wei Yun” Pan Mee


There is a popular coffee shop for lunch among working people in Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone, food served include Pan Mee, Chee Cheong Fun, Rojak and Siu Mai.

How Wei Yun

“Hou Wei Yun” is located in Bukit Jambul opposite Vistana Hotel, under the low cost flats. This shop is The surrounding is cool and windy because there are many big trees that provide free shades.
I got to know of “Hou Wei Yun” first from my brother, he has worked in Bayan Lepas for almost 2 years. Besides him, my colleagues also recommended me to try out their Pan Mee. It is widely acclaimed that this shop serves one of the best Pan Mee in Penang, google it here. Since Siang Leng never been to this place before, so I brought her there for lunch last Friday.

How Wei Yun 1

Because of the big crowd, it is self service here. You need to take a piece of ordering paper from the counter and fill up your order details. There are 2 types of mee you can choose from, thin or thick (they make their own mee) and 2 styles of cooking, dry or soup. It took almost 40 minutes for our orders to arrive, luckily we had a couple of Siu Mais while waiting.

Siu  Mai

The Siu Mais look nice eh? But actually they are a let down, they tasted bland, just normal minced meat steamed. Cannot compare with dim sum restaurant’s at all. So you can save you money on this lol, it costs RM1.40 per plate of 3.

Fish Balls

Dry Pan Mee is like konlo wantan mee, and taste quite similar too. The ingredients are pretty standard, minced pork, ikan bilis and fungus 黑木耳 (this thing is expensive, sold at RM20+ per kg in hypermarkets) Each plate comes with a small bowl of soup with 2 fish balls.

Pan Mee Dry

Another view of the Dry Pan Mee, each plate costs RM2.70. Siang Leng said KL ones taste the same, if not better lol.

Pan Mee Soup

The Pan Mee Soup is not as nice as the dry version. If eaten too slowly, the mee will start to expand (“phong”) So if you are ordering for soup, go with the thin mee ok? Trust me on this lol. And also be prapared to cover your food and drinks because the windy situation will cause plenty of leaves to fall. My rating: 6.5/10, I think there are better Pan Mee stalls, but in terms of popularity.. this shop owns all.

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  1. this is definitely a place worth trying, but not for a full lunch as their portion is extremely small…..

    BTW,, ur photo is better than the one I shot in my blog…. wonder what camera u used,??

  2. This pan mee is not worth it. DUn try it!! U will regret! waste money n time!!

    vk: Hi michelle, as I remember the dry pan mee is quite nice lor. Which one did you order?

  3. Maybe you’re commenting about the wrong place. Your title reads “How Wei Yun” but the shop sign on the picture says “Hou Mei Yuen”.

    (Yes, I’m aware the two names are technically the same. The shop’s name is in Cantonese and you’re trying to spell it in Mandarin. But why not spell it in Penang’s native Hokkien, which is Ho Bee H’ng/Hui? Is it Mandarin superiority complex? And anyway your Mandarin spelling is also problematic. It should be “Hao Wei Yuan”.)


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