Hsin Guang Dong Restaurant @ Pacific Megamall Pinang


Hsin Guang Dong Xiao Chu Restaurant is located beside Pacific’s ground floor parking. It is one of the many restaurants along the row of shops, with 2 serving Vietnamese food. I dined here twice when I was completing my industrial training in the Perai’s Industrial Zone. That was 3 years ago.. Anyway expect to see lots of wantan in this post lol.

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At Hsin Guang Dong Xiao Chu, you can expect to find roasted meat rice or noodles and a wide selection of Chinese dishes, even sharksfin soup! Shown here was supposed to be our dessert – Wintermelon Sago, but it was the first to come lol. It costs RM2.00, and I felt that it was a bit watery. Definitely better if more sago and wintermelon bits were given.

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Prawn wantan soup @ RM3.50 – contains 6 medium sized wantan. The wantan tasted very sweet, so nice. We have tried making our own wantan but they won’t turn out so tasty.. I wonder if they put a lot of MSG in it :P

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Original Hong Kong style Wantan Noodles @ RM3.50.

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Stewed Beef Noodles @ RM5.50. This is a bit pricey but I like the beef a lot, especially the springy beef stomach :drool: I can’t help but notice that this restaurant’s condition has deteriorated much within 3 years. I do hope they put more effort in maintaining the restaurant to attract even more customers (not that its business is bad, it was full house when I went!)

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