Huan Kee ‘Dai Chao’ Food Stall @ Kepong Baru


Huan Kee food stall is one of the many ‘dai chao’ along the glutton street in Kepong Baru. Based on our observation every time we drove by, it enjoyed the most brisk business. One day, we finally dropped by for dinner and we were impressed by their fish head curry. Our second visit was also an enjoyable one so we returned again to sample the other dishes they have to offer. Only this time, I brought my camera along.


Huan Kee is a family run business and you could expect many simple, home-style dishes at affordable prices. If you want something extravagant or fancy, safe to say this place is not for you. Fish dominates their signboard menus and is available in whole, head only and fillets.
Looking at other customers’ orders I am guessing steamed fish is a popular choice here. However, there’s only two of us so we decided to have the Fish Fillets with Ginger and Spring Onion (姜葱鱼片) instead. If my fish knowledge serves me right those are toman fillets, cooked nicely to a firm and flaky texture. Seasoning is on the lighter side (not so salty) so you could still taste the fish’s delicate flavor.


It had been a while since I had frog legs and my favorite way of enjoying them is in Kung Pao style. Despite far from being the best Kung Pao I have had, the fresh and meaty frog legs made up for it.


One of the dishes that caught my eyes was the Stir Fried Pork Belly Slices with Premium Soya Sauce (豉油皇炒花肉). Being fatty, the pork belly slices were tender and succulent in an appetizing sauce that carries a hint of spiciness. Needless to say, this went very well with white rice.


Huan Kee does a decent creamy butter sauce and it was a perfect match with the crunchy deep fried mantis shrimps. Some other places would make their creamy butter sauce slightly spicy by throwing in a handful of cili padi but that step is completely omitted here.


Lastly, a Fu Yu Yau Mak to complete the meal. The Romaine lettuce was not overcooked so they still retained the desirable crispy and texture. This was a simple dish done right.


In total, this meal of 5 dishes, 3 drinks and 2 rice came to RM69.50. It might seem expensive for two person but if you look at the amount of food we had, it could easily be shared among four and even five. It’s just so happen that we were in a mood to eat and decided to order more than usual. No regrets at all!


Huan Kee Food Stall (焕记小食档)
Jalan Kepong Baru
52100, Kepong
Street view:
Business hours: 5.30pm onwards

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