Ibumie Har Mee Malaysia Best Instant Noodle


My latest crave is Ibumie Har Mee, which in my opinion is the best instant noodle ever. The taste is good, noodle is of good quality, high in protein and won’t turn soggy fast. And most importantly it’s one of the cheapest instant noodle you can get, only RM2.70 for a packet of 5 in Jusco! I think many of us store packets of instant noodles in our house, but from now on you only need to store the one and only Ibumie Har Mee. Forget the other brands like Cintan/Mamee/Maggi or any imported ones from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea or Japan. This is definitely the must try if you haven’t. I guarantee you will love this.


Ibumie Har Mee is produced based on Penang’s prawn noodle aka hokkien mee. Trust me, it tastes better than some hawker’s hokkien mee in Penang and you won’t get the dizziness/dry throat from all the MSG they pour in their soup.


Lately a lot of brands had their packaging redesigned to include local celebrities and other fancy stuff. Their seasoning seems to changed too, for example Cintan’s is getting too salty. Even my previous favorite Cintan original mushroom flavor sucks now. A packet of har mee has fried onions, prawn stock, chilli powder, chilli oil and dark soya sauce.


For supper, usually I eat it plain. The soup looks and tastes great, even though it’s a bit off from the real thing. If you add in some fresh prawns to boil with the soup, I think it’d be marvellous!


Sometimes I add in some sausages, burger patties and an egg to make an awesome dinner. Yeah I know what some people will say: it’s unhealthy, ajinomoto, preservatives, trans fat, fattening etc. Whatever! I have been enjoying it for three nights consecutively and don’t feel sien of it at all. The best thing about Ibumie’s Har Mee is that you won’t have the guilty after feeling from eating instant noodles. If you are not convinced, google up for youself to see the number of people who love this product. Again, if you happen to be in any supermarket and saw Ibumie Har Mee, buy it and try it! If it doesn’t taste nice you can come back to my blog and flame me all you want :P

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  1. Have you tried cracking an egg into the noodle when the soup is still hot?

    You should try that. If you burst, it becomes like “Kong Fu Chau” type a bit. Hehe, white / yellow stuff floating around.

    If it doesn’t burst, you get a nice yolk decorating it while you can stir the egg-white away into the soup.

  2. wahlaueh, HarMee also come out now, you need to “up” your taste. Don’t tell me you will post Jabil’s canteen food next. sien

  3. Konghu Lang, this is my blog. I can write whatever I want. Do you think I really have the time to go hunt for all the best food? Don’t tell me you don’t eat instant noodles.

    I definitely won’t post Jabil’s canteen food. Because I know that won’t interest anyone. If you read the comments above, or even went to google about this Har Mee, you will know it’s getting popular. If you think my taste is not “up” to your standard, why don’t you post some places for nice food? I will definitely appreciate that kind of comments instead of asking me to “up” my taste

  4. I tasted the Harmee the moment it was on the market months ago. I also love to eat Harmee but don’t exaggerate lah. You blog like you are a hungry ghost in mid July, simiLan pun Ho Jiak.

    Oh, cannot take negative comment? Oh, this is you private place hah? Only want to hear good comment hah? Then, you have been living in a Green House for too long dude. Please come out.

  5. @Konghu Lang, haha I am exaggerating, so what? It’s just a form of expression. Did I say the Harmee is the best food in the world? Man, you really need to read my posts carefully, or at least look at the title, “best instant noodle” Comprehend?

    Again read carefully, THIS IS MY BLOG, I CAN WRITE WHATEVER I LIKE. Don’t like it? Don’t come back then, as easy as that. Go troll somewhere else.

    If I only wanted to hear good comments your name won’t even appear in my blog. Please la, keep a rational mind and stop being an obnoxious person. And you know what? Pretending to LY Tai and posting pathetic comments.. it shows what type of person you are, and I am glad I don’t have the same taste/thought like you on food.

  6. OKlah, I will leave you alone from now. Take care and do remember to come out often ya, UV and rain are good for you. Bye.

  7. This Harmee have been out for a long time. I would say like years back… Its only getting popular now. I would say its really better then some hawker’s prawn mee around penang. ^^”

  8. Btw i wonder if there is anything bout the Best Prawn mee in Penang ? I cant seem to find one to my liking. Maybe some recommendation from you?

  9. @wmc, lol same same here. Speaking about that.. I am going to fix myself a bowl right now.. Have you tried adding fresh prawns and crab meat into the soup? Man it tastes even better with that!!

    @Vic, Wow a long time already? I didn’t know about this brand until like 6 months back when my father went to the hypermarket. There was a promoter who recommended this to us, I must say it was a right choice :) BTW I seldom eat hokkien mee so I am not sure which one is the best.. But usually my parents would eat in Bangkok Lane (Lorong Burma) near the morning market there. Or in Bukit Mertajam, the stall near train station, next to the famous white man rojak. If you like dry hokkien mee, you can go to taman sentosa, there’s one which is quite good. What about your favorite?

  10. Hi Keong,

    Hmm Burma road, I believe thats the one with the Ho Chiak recommendation. Not sure if thats the one. The last time i ate hokkien mee from there is was watered down :(

    The BM one i tried before. By the old cinema there. Its kinda nice… the best thing is that after adding the rib bla bla and such the price is like RM3+ only. Damn im hungry.

    If u r down in PJ SeaPark, go for the O&S coffee shop’s prawn mee. I would say thats the best i have ever taste even better then Penang. But lately the free flow of Ajinomoto is really turning me off. Buuhuu.

  11. Well, do you all know that there is another HarMee Goreng in the market too??? It taste good and you can really enjoy the prawn aroma in dry noodles format. I can take 2 packets in one time… a lady ler.

  12. the Harmee is very near original taste, im living in HK for several years and everytime back to hometown Penang will buy few pack for cure the homesick.

    vk: Yeah, if you add a few fresh prawns into the soup while it’s boiling.. the taste is even nearer!

  13. I love it very much. I usually took it together with my family during the weekend. I were told that some of Hong Kong TVB Artists alwalys bought it from Malaysia.

  14. I’m only 10 years old. I do not like to eat chilli but I only love to eat HarMee with its chilli powder. I love the soup very much. I always introduce this product to my school mates and teachers.

  15. im only 12 years old…..when my family is tired,they will cook ibumee=harmee.they will put some meet into harmee for our……

  16. just tried today, is not bad, prawn taste not strong enough imo, would still eat more in the future, but prefer mi goreng better.

  17. I have tried Ibumie HarMee, I love it very much. It taste the same as the famous hawker stalls in Penang. When I cook it, I add in boiled egg, kangkong and some prawns. I love it very much.


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