Ibumie Har Mee Malaysia Best Instant Noodle

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My latest crave is Ibumie Har Mee, which in my opinion is the best instant noodle ever. The taste is good, noodle is of good quality, high in protein and won’t turn soggy fast. And most importantly it’s one of the cheapest instant noodle you can get, only RM2.70 for a packet of 5 in Jusco! I think many of us store packets of instant noodles in our house, but from now on you only need to store the one and only Ibumie Har Mee. Forget the other brands like Cintan/Mamee/Maggi or any imported ones from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea or Japan. This is definitely the must try if you haven’t. I guarantee you will love this.


Ibumie Har Mee is produced based on Penang’s prawn noodle aka hokkien mee. Trust me, it tastes better than some hawker’s hokkien mee in Penang and you won’t get the dizziness/dry throat from all the MSG they pour in their soup.


Lately a lot of brands had their packaging redesigned to include local celebrities and other fancy stuff. Their seasoning seems to changed too, for example Cintan’s is getting too salty. Even my previous favorite Cintan original mushroom flavor sucks now. A packet of har mee has fried onions, prawn stock, chilli powder, chilli oil and dark soya sauce.


For supper, usually I eat it plain. The soup looks and tastes great, even though it’s a bit off from the real thing. If you add in some fresh prawns to boil with the soup, I think it’d be marvellous!


Sometimes I add in some sausages, burger patties and an egg to make an awesome dinner. Yeah I know what some people will say: it’s unhealthy, ajinomoto, preservatives, trans fat, fattening etc. Whatever! I have been enjoying it for three nights consecutively and don’t feel sien of it at all. The best thing about Ibumie’s Har Mee is that you won’t have the guilty after feeling from eating instant noodles. If you are not convinced, google up for youself to see the number of people who love this product. Again, if you happen to be in any supermarket and saw Ibumie Har Mee, buy it and try it! If it doesn’t taste nice you can come back to my blog and flame me all you want :P

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