Ichiban The Izakaya (Cash Back with ShopBack.my) @ 1 Utama

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If you are reading this, chances are you are someone who dines out frequently like most Malaysians do. You must have also shopped online before and are aware of group-buying sites such as Fave and Eatigo.
While these sites already let you enjoy discounts with your purchases, there’s a better way to save even more. Simply shop online through ShopBack Malaysia, a website that gives you a portion of your purchase as cash – not coupons, not store credits, not points, but cold-hard cash!

Beer Gyoza Prawn

I am a foodie and I browse Groupon’s F&B deals quite often to look out for deals. Recently they launched a new deal with Ichiban The Izakaya (1 Utama) which happened to be one of the restaurants I have been eyeing to try since they opened last year. After researching their menu prices I decided that RM200 worth of vouchers should be enough for us to have a enjoyable lunch.


If I paid for the deal @ RM118 (RM59 for RM100 voucher x 2) I would have saved 40% off my bill, and let’s assume I did not order any drinks because the voucher is only applicable to food. Now, if I did that, I’d have missed out getting up to 14% of cash back from the purchase if I did not sign up with ShopBack.my.
As you can see, I received RM22.85 worth of cash back in two transactions and they will be credited to my bank account as soon as the redemption period has passed.


To put it into perspective, here’s a table I did to show the potential savings with and without using ShopBack. Neat right?


The process is easy and straightforward too. All you need to do is to sign up as a member (via Email or Facebook), update your personal details and more importantly your banking info to receive the cash back.
To make things sweeter, you will also receive a RM5 signup bonus! Then, if there’s any online purchase that you intend to buy, and that website is also ShopBack.my’s merchant, simply click on the “Get Cashback” button to initiate the cash back process.


To ensure your cash back is credited to your account successfully, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Do not click on coupon websites
  2. Only use coupons that we provide
  3. Use the same device throughout (eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  4. Enable cookies on your device

From what I observed, the cash back might not be instant and could take up to a day or two to appear in my account’s dashboard. But if you are having doubts, just contact their customer service along with the vouchers you have purchased.

Ichiban Izakaya Seafood-Teppanyaki

Ichiban Izakaya Aburi-Sushi

Now for the food. If you like Japanese food, I think Ichiban The Izakaya won’t disappoint as every dish we had was at least of satisfactory quality and some tasted really good. The only hindrance would the price, as most of the dishes are priced from RM20 and above, with a few even reaching close to RM80. Which is why, dining here using Groupon’s vouchers makes total sense.

Ichiban Izakaya Japanese-Pork-Belly

Ichiban Izakaya Godzilla-Roll

Ichiban Izakaya Cheese-Baked-King-Prawn

Among a handful things that we tried, the Aburi Sushi, Seafood Teppanyaki and the Japanese pork belly were great, while the rest such as Godzilla Roll and Cheese Baked King Prawn were OK and met expectations. The Gyoza was forgettable, though.
And of course, you shouldn’t leave without trying their Kirin Ichiban frozen beer, albeit kinda pricey @ RM29/pint. But if you’re coming in a group the beer prices will be much less expensive.


To be frank, among the dozens of new websites and online business models out there, ShopBack Malaysia is one of the few that I truly have faith in because their purpose is to let consumers like me and you enjoy more savings.
It might not appeal to everyone but if you are a frequent online shopper or planning to book a hotel soon, don’t forget to check out ShopBack.my first to see if you could actually save even more.


Ichiban The Izakaya
Lot 362, Ground floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre

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