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IKEA Cafeteria @ Mutiara Damansara


Besides being a shopping haven for home furniture, IKEA is also a great place to dine! The IKEA cafeteria serves an array of cheap and nice food, which explains the large crowd especially during the weekends.
As you know, there’s limited choices for cheap food at The Curve/Ikano area except maybe for Kopitiam and fast food. So, sometimes I would purposely have my meal here even though I am not buying anything, lol.

ikea meal

There’s nothing Malaysian about the food here. So, don’t expect to find nasi lemak or curry mee, hehe Nasi lemak is served during breakfast. Instead, you would find Swedish food and desserts like Swedish meatballs, Mazarin tarts, daim chocolate cake and more. Also, a cup of tea or coffee costs RM3 and they have unlimited refills at the coffee station. I like the milk coffee particularly and purchasing a cup can be shared with your partner too.

swedish meatballs

IKEA meatballs are available in 10 (RM8.9), 15 or 20 pieces. And that day, IKEA was having a promotion if the slogan “PAX 10 Years Guaranteed!” was mentioned to the staff attending to your meatballs order, you would get 2 pieces free. The slogan can be seen on the small flag mounted on a meatball.
The meatballs come with generous amount of fries and served with gravy and lingonberry jam – a staple food in Scandinavian cuisine. Ligonberry jam tastes similar to strawberry jam, but less sweeter. Although small in size, the meatballs are actually very filling food. A must try in IKEA’s cafeteria.


Herb Grilled Salmon served with special fried potato and mixed vegetable was good as well. The salmon smell was not overwhelming, which was just great for me. I forgotten the price for it, though it shouldn’t exceed RM11 if I remembered correctly. And if the salmon does not fill you up, the huge pieces of potatoes will! Between the sandwich and salmon is a Swedish Mazarin tart @ RM2. It is a delicious traditional cupcake with sweet almond filling.

chicken ham sandwich

There’s a dish I always wanted to try in IKEA, which is the Chicken Leg with Swedish Herb. But, it is so damn popular that it always finishes before I could order it. This has happened twice, talk about bad luck lol.
So, twice I had to opt for the Chicken Ham and Cheese sandwich @ RM6.90 instead. Depending on your preference, you can eat it either cold or grill it first using the microwaves provided. Well, I tried both before and I have to say the latter with melted cheese tastes better.

ikea muffin daim

Some other desserts we had were Almondy Tart – Daim Cake @ RM4.90 and Mexico Cocoa Bun @ RM1.50. The irresistable Daim cake uses almond biscuit topped with Daim chocolate as the crunchy base, then covered with milk chocolate. Simply luscious!
For those who like it enough, the whole cake priced can be purchased home for RM24 from a small store just opposite the checkout counter. Ah, I miss the cafeteria already.. the cheap hot dogs, soft serve ice cream and curry puffs are perfect for tea break while shopping in IKEA.

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  1. I have yet to try the Swedish meatballs. Yum~ actually I was thinking of making my own by buying their prepacked sauce :P They do have M’sian dishes. That day I just ate Bukhari rice with cumin spiced chicken. They also have a vegetarian dish of curry.

  2. Hey hey, they have a new salmon dish? I thought they only have the one with regular chives sauce? This one looks more appetizing!

    vk: I think this has been there for quite some time.. been on the menu since like last year?

  3. i know the balls are not that great.. but i am a sucker for it if i HAVE to eat in IKEA! haha… but i rather not eat in ikea at all la… lol

    vk: Haha, but it is one of the cheaper places to eat.. I usually eat there when I feel poor lol

  4. hey vkeong… i have been longing to try the food at that cafeteria!… and now i know wat to order already!! thx lol

    vk: Whatever you take also nvm, remember to order the daim cake ok

  5. I like the meatballs at IKEA. Nice Nice! The curry puff was yummy too! I tried them when I was in S’pore. I posted before on my old blog. Maybe I will repost it in my yummy station. :)

  6. I ate the salmon set before…but it didn’t have the fried potato. It was long time ago though, the salmon was served with steamed potato (in big pieces) and the usual vegetables.
    Went down to Ikea few weeks…but only ate the curry puff. Should have grabbed the yummy Daim cake :(

    vk: Nevermind, you can try it next time :) I like their cheap hot dogs and curry puffs for tea break hehe

  7. Swedish meatballs are never served with fries in Sweden. Mashed potatoes or just plain boiled is what it’s usually served with..

  8. Not true, they actually have Nasi Lemak for BF ………

    vk: Oh really? I didn’t know that.. I barely went to IKEA in the mornings.. let me edit my post.. thanks for notifying :)

  9. have you tried the Rosti Beef Meatball in Outpost Cafe? in Cineleisure, i would say it’s good, they have other range of Rosti also but haven’t tried yet, definitely will return to try others

    vk: Not yet. But I will try to notice it on my next trip there though :)

  10. You can asked them to have Swedish meatballs and plain boiled potatoes instead of fried fries. I found out from my colleague when we went to eat 2 weeks ago.

  11. Me and my friends went to Ikea restaurant several times before. We ordered poach salmon and fish and chips but we noticed the food portion are smalled compare to other customers(especially Malay customers). We did complained to the manager and the headquaters in Sweden but there is no improvement at all.

    In a separate occasion ,I ordered the breakfast set that comes with free coffee. When I was about to pay at the cashier counter, the staff charged me extra because it was 1 minute past 9.30am. Few minutes later I saw her taking a coffee cup straight from the shelf and give it to her friends without paying first. The staff is female, short, fat, fair skin, wear scarf, and always wear thick make-up.


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