Ingolf’s Kneipe German Bar and Restaurant

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One of the nicest thing working in Jabil is getting the quarterly profit sharing. Every quarter all the employees would get a share of the company’s profit based on the performance in the past 6 months. The last quarter was the highest percentage of all time, and it’d be a very tough record to break. So I treated my family a lunch in Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant and Bar.


Kneipe means bar in German, it is well known for its nice, big portioned and reasonably priced German cuisine.


Since we went in the afternoon, only lunch menu is served. Still, they have quite a wide selection of food to choose from. Their special lunch set would be lamb shank at RM23 something.. I ordered a Duo New Zealand Lamb Chop with mint sauce. It was OK only, maybe because I didn’t like the mint taste.. and the meal was kinda dry because there was no gravy, I had to steal Siang Leng’s :P Anyway that day earlier I already decided I must have lamb for the lunch, so my choice would be either lamb shank or lamb chop only. Now think back I should have ordered the lamb shank lol.


Siang Leng’s order, German minced pork served with salad and mashed potato. The gravy is super nice and went soooo well with my lamb chop.. I can still remember her first reaction after tasting it.. “Wah, so nice laaaaaah!”


My mom ordered German pork sausage, which is also served along with mashed potato and salad. The sausage is almost thrice the normal thickness of a normal sausage, and tasted superb. The meat is very tender unlike normal hotdogs which are soft. This is a must try if in Ingolf’s Kneipe, it costs only less than RM12.


My brother and father ordered the same dish, chicken (with mushroom sauce?) but different parts. You can choose either chicken breast or drumstick, but give me drumstick anytime!


For dessert we had Julian’s dark chocolate mousse. Don’t mistake it is like ice-cream because it is not cold at all and had creamy butter like texture. If you love chocolate you’d definitely love this one :) Ingolf’s Kneipe is located at Tanjung Bungah, right opposite Conthorpe Orchid Hotel Penang Chinese Swimming Club. There is a winding road leading to the restaurant on your left just after the petrol station along the way to Batu Ferringhi.


With all the food we ordered, the bill was only around RM76, and everyone gets a free glass of iced lemon tea. I highly recommend this restaurant for Western food with some German touch. Besides the environment here is relaxed and cozy, the perfect place to wind down and have dinner after work. Prior reservation is advised.


Ingolf’s Kneipe
Jalan Sungai Kelian
Tanjong Bungah
Tel: 604-899 5796

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