Ipoh Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee

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On the way to Penang from KL, we stopped by in Ipoh Town for some white coffee. This time we were smart, we went earlier and arrived at around 5pm. Finally we managed to sample one of the most famous White Coffee in Malaysia~

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Nam Heong White Coffee is actually not that hard to find if you are willing to ask the locals. It’s only around 30 min away from the Ipoh Selatan exit along the North-South Highway. It rained quite heavily not long after we parked our car. A good thing I suppose, the cool weather served better for a cup of hot white coffee lol.

nam heong

The coffee shop sells quite a lot of hawker food. There are Penang prawn mee, dim sum, curry laksa and some other stuff. We only managed to order 2 baskets of dim sum, Har mai and Har kao because the rest were sold out.

nam heong dim sum

Each basket of dim sum costs RM2.40. They tasted quite good and were still very fresh.

nam heong white coffee

A cup of hot white coffee costs RM1.10. Very aromatic and tasty compared to other normal coffees. I have had people telling me that Old Town white coffee is nothing special, tastes just like normal coffee.. Well I can say that those claims are very inaccurate ;)

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Iced white coffee costs a little more at RM1.30. I felt the iced version tasted sweeter.

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When we left at 5.30pm, they were already preparing to close. So it is advised to reach here before 5pm to avoid any disappointment ;)

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