Ipoh Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee


On the way to Penang from KL, we stopped by in Ipoh Town for some white coffee. This time we were smart, we went earlier and arrived at around 5pm. Finally we managed to sample one of the most famous White Coffee in Malaysia~

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Nam Heong White Coffee is actually not that hard to find if you are willing to ask the locals. It’s only around 30 min away from the Ipoh Selatan exit along the North-South Highway. It rained quite heavily not long after we parked our car. A good thing I suppose, the cool weather served better for a cup of hot white coffee lol.

nam heong

The coffee shop sells quite a lot of hawker food. There are Penang prawn mee, dim sum, curry laksa and some other stuff. We only managed to order 2 baskets of dim sum, Har mai and Har kao because the rest were sold out.

nam heong dim sum

Each basket of dim sum costs RM2.40. They tasted quite good and were still very fresh.

nam heong white coffee

A cup of hot white coffee costs RM1.10. Very aromatic and tasty compared to other normal coffees. I have had people telling me that Old Town white coffee is nothing special, tastes just like normal coffee.. Well I can say that those claims are very inaccurate ;)

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Iced white coffee costs a little more at RM1.30. I felt the iced version tasted sweeter.

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When we left at 5.30pm, they were already preparing to close. So it is advised to reach here before 5pm to avoid any disappointment ;)

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  1. old town white coffee sure is better than kopitian white coffee right? I prefer hot white coffee than cold one. NOw, i need some nice coffee and curry mee!!!!! :(

  2. Hi,

    We are pleased if you could consider opening an outlet in Bandar Damai Perdana, we have many new shoplot coming out soon.

    Majority of your residents here are Chinese (90%), we really need a good location as our daily business meet-up place with our clients, this will ease us for traveling far to the “Old Town” in Jalan Cheras everyday.


    Best regards,
    Tony Lai

  3. did u guys tried the char koey teow at nam heong?
    the seller’s originally from Penang but somewhat “migrated” to ipoh very long time ago. U should try it… it’s one of the very few char koey teow in Ipoh with banana leaf. ;-) it’ very nice..u guys should try it.
    Also, if u noticed opp Nam Heong, there’s another white coffee shop. The opp one is also nice. They are using the traditional method of preparation as compared to Nam Heong. Nam Heong white coffee are nicer with ice. The shop opp Nam Heong white coffee is more nicer without ice.
    My 2cents!

  4. could anyone provide me wif d road name to tis Nam Heong? I dun wanna search for d shop at new town (which happens occasionally coz I’m not tat familiar wif Ipoh.. lol).. thks..

  5. Oh.. no…. U must miss the best. The best is the opposite Kopitiam. Try it and compare. It is so smooth and the coffee beater taste will stay at your mouth, but the best of coffee. It is better, there!

  6. Wonder how long was this thread, but here’s MY 2 cents ….
    Nam Heong in fact is located along Jalan Bandar Timah,
    the opposite one, Sun Yuan Loong is the ORIGINAL white coffee, Nam Heong followed suit, BUT, the Old Town Kopitiam chain is actually brainchild of Nam Heong. Go figure…. pretty good marketing skills eh?
    However, the standard of the coffee at Nam Heong dropped drastically. Try Nam Chau instead, on the same road, BUT on the other side, meaning if you come from Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), turn right instead of left. Nam Chau is on your right. They sell the BEST curry mee in Ipoh, in my opinion anyway, aside from Xin Quan Fang.

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Lai Foong Restaurant, Jln Tun H.S. Lee, KL

  7. hi there, glad to see such a fantastic Malaysian food blog. I notice a lot and I mean majority of the food bloggers from m’sia (good ones) are from Penang. I am a follower of Rasamalaysia.com, the writer is from Penang.
    As I am overseas and still very home sick for 10 years, the only consolation is reading thru m’sian food blogs.
    u have one of the best ones.
    Only if I cud get the food off ur blogs and eat them..
    Keep up the good work..

    vk: Thanks for the compliment. I am also a fan of RasaMalaysia for her great photos.

  8. Ipoh white coffee is still the best local coffee i’ve ever taste! the rich and creamy texture is juz unbeatable! Man, u gotta try it! Nam Heong’s coffee is considered one of the best coffee in ipoh, and it’s egg tart! yummy!

  9. Hi all,

    I been there once. Tell you what, you should also try the egg tart together with Hot Coffee, Black. Wow, fantasica..

    I love the environment with food and beverage.


  10. Who can give me Johor bharu City Square’s Old Town coffee restarurant contact number As Soon As Possible?

    Thanks and very Appreaciate with your help.

    016-600 1819 Malaysia
    +65-9123 0789 Singapore


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