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So, I received a comment from J2kfm saying that Nam Heong is not where the original white coffee came from. According to him, Sun Yuan Loong, a coffee shop located directly opposite Nam Heong along Jalan Bijih Timah is white coffee’s origin. Then, I remembered another coffee shop’s name which sounds like this. I went there immediately after my cuppa at Nam Heong. It’s called Sun Yuan Foong. Is there a reason why the coffee shops’ names are so similar here? The competition for the best white coffee is very evident in Ipoh with each claiming to serve the best, lol.

sun yuan foong coffee shop

Comparing both shops, I found that Nam Heong’s business is better, looks better, cleaner and more popular with the youngsters. Sun Yuan Foong on the other hand has more senior customers and serves nostalgic toasts. Both shops also sell pastries like egg tarts and siu pao.

iced white coffee

If you ask me, I think all white coffee tastes almost the same. The comparisons I can make are on the sweetness, thickness and sourness of the white coffee. Sun Yuan Foong’s version of white coffee is richer, darker and sourer if compared to than Nam Heong’s, even when iced. For me both are equally good. I think it all depends on your personal preferences on deciding which is better.

peanut butter toast

And then these are some of food we tried in Sun Yuan Foong. The pastries are sold outside the coffee shop and you can order the toasts off the menu on the walls from the waiters. Most of the toasts are meant for breakfast but we had it for tea break lol. This is peanut butter toast.

egg tart siu pao

Egg tart and siu pao. Please pardon the crappy photos haha. It was raining heavily that time and it was very dark in the coffee shop.

sausage egg toast set

Lastly, a toast set with a hard boiled egg and sausage. I have done some searching on the Internet regarding Ipoh’s white coffee but still couldn’t conclude which coffee shop is the original one. Curiosity aside, actually it doesn’t really matter to me. Because being original does not necessary mean being the best. You just need to find the one that suits your taste. So, anyone can fulfill my curiosity? Haha.

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  1. hey man, the shop is not called Sun Yuan Foong but is Sun Yuan Long indeep… and i do not feel the coffee shops’ names in ipoh are similar.. just u r not familiar with them. =p

  2. Johnny, I don’t know if that rule applies to you only lol. Actually we took both but I only snapped the photo for iced one.

    mefon, what is indeep? And if my eyes are not fooling me, I still see Sun Yuan Foong as the coffee shop’s name @_@

    BTW I did a google search on Sun Yuan Long and it looks completely different with this.. ;)

  3. i didnt noticed the coffee shop’s name published by yr photo. =p
    but the famous coffee shop and the white coffee’s origin in ipoh is call Sun Yuan Long. the shop u went maybe is cap ayam.. haha

  4. haha … Sun Yuan Loong is the CORNER one. next door to yours i think. But long time din go lo, so dunno quality. Cz i prefer Nam Chau! Hehe, my taste la, i dunno bout others. Plus they serve fantastic dry curry mee and egg toasts. Wil blog it soon. Cz fav place to have breakfast. haha

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Kong Heng, Ipoh

  5. Probably it’s a traditional type of business, caused I’ve walk out the shop due to not able to locate any hawker food inside the shop. At last we have to go back to “nam heang” for settle our stomach.
    But the “char koay teow” inside ‘nam heong’, the taste quite bad.

    Yes there’s no hawker food inside except the toasts.. pretty much an old fashioned coffee shop. The char koay teow at Nam Heong quite bad? I’ve heard good things only about it LOL

  6. hey..new to your blog..but just wanna give some feedback..

    i was in ipoh 2 weeks back and was told that the original one is the one opposite nam heung..went to sun yuan foong and couldn’t get a table..one of the lady told us to go next door but we said we wanna try sun yuan foong..and guess wat? she said both shops are the same..they’re relatives..so i guess that explains why..but then the one we went wasn’t the corner one either..its the one with the green wall in your first picture..

  7. You’ve gone to the wrong to shop mate. Agree that it is rather confusing with all these shops clustering at the same place, offering similar stuff. But the original one is Sun Yun Long as pointed out by others as well.

    Wonder why people like to do business this way, as it’s the same with bean sprouts chicken too, everyone selling the same thing at the same place. What’s wrong with a bit of varieties?

    vk: Ah.. I seriously don’t know.. When people mention white coffee they would normally associate it with Nam Heong.. even the TV shows about white coffee goes to Nam Heong.. thanks for the clarification :)



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