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Italiannies Italian Food @ The Curve


This is about a dinner SL and I had at Italiannies The Curve last year which I didn’t blog about. Well, sometimes I intend for a second visit to consolidate both experiences into a post for the purpose of showing more food. But, Italiannies isn’t cheap so the second visit didn’t materialize.
As a result, my photos ended up collecting dust in my archive folders for more than 6 months lol. It is now or never, please let the photos see the light of the day yeah.

lamb chop

I believe Italiannies need no further introduction to KL people. It is a restaurant well known for serving Italian food with rather generous portions. Their tag line is “So Much, So Good, So Share” indicating that the food portion is huge, taste good and best to be shared among family and friends.

And if I am not mistaken there was a promotion back then where 4 people could share a meal consisting of appetizers and main courses for only RM79.90. Price may be wrong but it doesn’t matter lah.

lamb chop

Being a lamb chop freak, it was only natural I ordered the Italinnies’ Lamb Chop @ RM43.90. Looking at the price (and remembering the tag line), I was expecting a huge cuts of lamb chop. But the portion turned out to be pretty small instead.

lamb chop

Good thing was it looked super awesome and rack of lambs are given. I have had plenty of lamb chops in my life but haven’t seen any served like this before in real.

lamb chop

It was cooked perfectly, slightly pinkish in the middle which preserved the natural taste. I cut a little meat off the lamb rack so you could see the pinkish middle.. omg. Just when I thought the lamb chop was great enough, the brown sauce made it even better – it was the perfect condiment to provide extra sweetness.
It kinda reminded of Bumbu Bali‘s very own brown sauce, minus the black pepper. Oh yes I have another entry about Bumbu Bali’s lamb chop still pending, for months already! lol.


We also had a bowl of Marsala Mushroom Soup @ RM12.90, which had a nice thick consistency and plenty of mushroom slices. Luckily we did not order any drinks because we struggled a bit to finish the big bowl of yummy soup. If you noticed, some olive oil are given too. Extra virgin or not, I don’t know lol.


For SL, she had the Chicken Lasagna @ RM24.90. What I know about Lasagna is very little – it is a type of pasta with plenty of cheese, and also Garfield’s favorite food lol. The first time I had Lasagna was delivered by Pizza Hut, it sucked a lot. Anyway, I don’t recall seeing any Lasagna being sold in Penang other than Pizza Hut. Except maybe in high class Italian restaurants that I couldn’t afford to dine in.


Taste wise it was pretty good at first, being cheesilicious and all. But you should know what would happen if you had too much cheese and cream right? You get sick of it! The portion was simply too big even for two men, let alone a lady. We had to no choice but to stop after managing to finish only half of it. Thinking back now it was quite a waste, sigh.
The bill came up to a total of RM94 for 3 food ordered, inclusive of 5% Govt tax and 10% service charge. Do you think it’s expensive? Anyway, if I ever return to Italiannies again, I would have at least 3 friends with me – to share the food!

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