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Jackson’s Burger – Homemade Burger On Wheels @ Section 14, PJ


For the past few weeks I have been trying to try all the nice food in PJ especially those near my office – more specifically areas like Section 14, Section 17, Taman Paramount, SS2 and Kelana Jaya. Reason being I will be relocating to Puchong soon. I figured that if I don’t explore these places now I will have little chance of doing so in the near future.


At Section 14 there is a mobile burger stall operated by a Chinese husband and wife team who only opens from lunch hour onwards. I would say they are quite popular with the people who live and work in the vicinty. Most customers prefer to take away the burgers but you could also eat it at the spot if you want because chairs are provided. We had our burgers on the spot and it proved to be a refreshing experience.. especially with the windy weather.


The variety of burgers here is what you would expect from a normal burger stall but the special thing is that they also have crab burger, which is kind of rare if you ask me. All their burger patties are self-made so you won’t see any Ramly/Oblong/Otai brands of meat here.
Now, lets put the health concerns aside and appreciate the liberal amount of butter they use to fry the buns and patties. Even the bun itself tastes quite good on its own especially at the sides that have a really nice buttery fragrance and crispy texture. By default the fried egg is a layer of its own in the burger. But if you request her to wrap the patty with egg she will entertain it also, just that she is not that good at it hence making your burger look messy.


While eating I felt something was amiss. Then, I realized that mayonnaise was not present in the burger. Not a big deal for me but I am pretty sure any burger would taste better with mayo. We were satisfied with what we had (everything except for beef burger and hot dog) and all of us gave an unanimous thumbs up for Jackson Burger. Shown here is a double special cheese burger @ RM6.20.


And here’s my double special crab burger @ RM5.40 – it tastes like a fish burger mostly and had a distinctive crab flavor. It does not look sloppy at all but judging a burger by its sloppiness is akin to judging movies by their special effects? Trust me I have had many sloppy burgers before and most of them are just plain bad.
With all things considered, Ramly’s beef burger is still my preferred street burger but this also largely depends on the person who prepares it. It’s not like any average Ramly stall could beat this, you will need a really good one.

Jackson’s Burger (PORK FREE)
No exact address because they move around. Just look along Jalan 14/29 Section 14.
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.281 E101 37.928
Business hours: 11.30 am to 5pm. Off days not fixed.

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