Janwa Thai Restaurant @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong


Janwa Thai, a no-frills Thai restaurant at Bandar Menjalara that is a popular with the locals. It is run by a Thai family so you could only expect honest and reasonably priced food here. This could be considered our ‘safe’ restaurant whenever we are out of dining ideas, especially on weekends.


Special Seafood Tomyam @ RM28. It is prepared really hot and sour here, definitely not for those who have a weak tolerance. Because of that we usually do not order this when eating in a small group.


The slightly spicy Thai Fish Cakes (RM2.50/pc) are made using only fresh fish fillets (seasoned with red curry paste, hence the color) are a must try here. They have a compact yet springy texture and smells aromatic with the addition of minced lemongrass. Simply delightful to the palate.


Pandan Chicken (RM2/pc), juicy with a larger than average size.


Honestly, this has got to be the most unappealing Green Curry Chicken (RM12) I have ever seen but it was just oh so good! I apologize if the photo sucks because it really does not do any justice to this wonderful dish. The chicken is nicely cooked to a succulent and tender finish while the green curry gravy is just so rich and delicious. Even the unassuming brinjal manages to taste so good.


Seafood Otak Otak @ RM15. Sorry again if the photo feels too in-your-face. And trust me it tastes really a lot better than it looks. It is not too mushy nor watery and you could find chunks of fish meat and prawns in it too.


Stir Fry Lala with Chili Paste @ RM12 – good but not nothing to write home about. We are just suckers for any dish prepared with lala.


Paku Pakis is the signature vege dish here but they dish up decent ‘Sambal Belacan’ style vege too, which I find a rarity nowadays. RM12 a serving, prepared with Four Angle Bean.
For desserts it is kind of weird they don’t have the traditional Thai desserts like Red Ruby or Mango Sticky Rice. Cendol is available instead, which I felt was just above average at best although some like it a lot. You could see it being ordered at almost every table.


I guess Janwa Thai is already an open secret among the people in Kepong, as the restaurant gets crowded real quick when approaching dinner time. But if you didn’t know, or yet to give it a try, then you have a new restaurant to check out now. My Elephant aside, this is another Thai restaurant that I would highly recommend.

Janwa Thai Restaurant
No.99G, Jalan 5/62A,
Bandar Menjalara
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.677 E101 37.885

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  1. This Thai restaurant looks pretty good, and those photos are definitely not too in my face – in fact I have gotten so hungry from looking at them, I have to go and eat now!

  2. been there couple of times..hmmm the horr mouk the 1 u mention as seafood otak2x look delicious.. if only they didn’t sell frog meat it will be so much better..

  3. i want try all food in the menu list like Pandan Chicken , Seafood Otak- Otak and all of them. This weekend i plan to having dinner there. SMILE !

  4. if this is of any help, we found a dead fly in our mango salad chicken when we are about to clear the plate. it is quite disgusting… .. .


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