Japanese Bakery Cafe HACHI @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

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Bakery Cafe HACHI, a Japanese owned bakery is the latest addition to Sri Hartamas, which meets the community’s demand for high quality and healthy products that are preservative free.


More than 40 types of bread, bun and pastry are baked fresh daily as early as 3am by chief baker and chef Ms. Chinami Date who has more than 10 years of experience working in some of the best Japanese-French bakeries in Asia.


To ensure the authentic taste of their creations, only the finest ingredients like imported flour from Japan and French butter are used. Despite that, prices are very reasonable and affordable considering the level of artistry that goes into making these natural and handmade products.


Their signature HACHI Toast Bread is the must buy item here. It tastes delicious eaten on its own, or with cold cuts, cheese, or as a toast topped with butter and jam.
If desired, you can request for the loaf to be sliced in 6 or 8 pieces to suit your preference. When stored in the freezer, it can last for up to two days.


Besides being a bakery, you can also enjoy an array of sensibly priced hot drinks, warm toasts and sandwiches prepared using their in-house breads. The Cheese Toast with ham @ RM15.90 is filling dish that also includes a salad and yogurt.


After being toasted, the HACHI Toast Bread’s crust becomes crispy (not crunchy) while the center remains soft and delightfully chewy almost similar to mochi in texture. It also has a naturally light, sweet flavor that complements savory toppings and fillings.


If you like something more savory, try the Keema Curry with Cheese @ RM21.40. The toast is topped with mild homemade Japanese beef curry that even kids can enjoy.


The Salty Butter bun @ RM3.20 is not something you’d usually find at the normal bakeries. From what we were told, this is a popular item among the Japanese and after taking a bite, it’s not hard to understand why they love it.
The Melon Pan @ RM3.40 is also a must try, it’s almost like a mix of Mexican bun and Polo bun for having a thin layer of sweet and crisp cookie dough on top.


Plain croissants made with French butter is RM3.20 each, while those topped with custard cream and fruits such as mango and strawberry are priced slightly over RM6. Both are highly recommended, simply perfect with a cup of coffee.


To mark the grand opening of Bakery Cafe HACHI on the 25th of December, they are giving out 100 ⛄️SNOWMAN BUNS⛄️ for FREE on first come, first served basis starting from 10am. All you need to do is like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram to be entitled for this special Christmas gift.


Bakery Cafe HACHI (next to Starbucks)

P-07B , Plaza Damas, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 8am – 8pm daily, no off days.
Tel: 03-6206 2668

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