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KNK (Kannichikan Yakiniku) @ Desa Sri Hartamas

KNK Kannichikan Yakiniku Desa Sri Hartamas
KNK Kannichikan Yakiniku Desa Sri Hartamas

While having our dinner at BreadFruits, we noticed that KNK (Kannichikan Yakiniku) across the road was doing abnormally well and customers were arriving in droves.
Most of them are Japanese too, so we took it as a cue that it should be good. We returned a week later and enjoyed a satisfying lunch which exceeded our expectations.

KNK Yakiniku Set Lunch Hartamas

Unless you’re loaded, it’d be foolish to ignore the set lunches that offer more value. Each set is served with white rice, miso soup, appetizers, fruit and drink.

KNK Chicken Scallop Set

The cheapest set (Mikkusu Yakiniku) starts from RM29++ and it’s not too shabby considering it includes marinated chicken, pork, prawn and scallops.

KNK Wagyu Beef Meat

The other set we had was the Tokuzyo-Niku Set @ RM48++ which comes with Prime Wagyu Ribeye and Shortrib. Just by the looks of the marbling, you know it’s different from the usual beef and it’s going to be tender and juicy.

KNK Ox Tongue

It wasn’t neccessary, but the ox tongue (Tan-Sita @ RM20) was ordered simply because it’s my personal favorite to have at any yakiniku restaurant.
Compared to another yakiniku restaurant in the area, KNK is evidently more generous with the portion – giving almost double, maybe even more meat for the same price.

KNK Japanese BBQ Grilled Meat

Japanese BBQ Desar Sri Hartamas

And believe it or not, I felt the ox tongue was the tastiest – so much so that I finished the entire bowl of rice with it before I even started grilling the wagyu. I guess I just prefer my meat to be have a little bite to it.
Flavor wise, everything we had was well marinated so they were delicious on their own without any additional condiments. But for those who like a more savory punch, miso paste is provided on each table.

Kannichikan Yakiniku Desa Sri Hartamas

All in all, KNK is a great yakiniku restaurant worth checking out if you value quality over quantity. I was hooked immediately and it’s now one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in town.
And again like I mentioned earlier, unless you are rich, you’d want to come during lunch time to take advantage of the lunch sets. They will save you a substantial amount of money. Reservation is recommended.

KNK Kannichikan Yakiniku Desa Sri Hartamas

KNK (Kannichikan Yakiniku) Restaurant

No 14, Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Tel: 03-2300 8829

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