Pablo Cheese Tart @ 1 Utama

Pablo Cheese Tart 1 Utama
Pablo Cheese Tart 1 Utama

Pablo 1 Utama Cheese Tarts

The most anticipated cheese tart chain – Pablo Cheese Tart has finally reached Malaysia at 1 Utama‘s Old Wing. Pablo Cheese Tart originated from Osaka and they managed to expand to other Asian countries such as South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia in less than 2 years. We are not the first but at least we are ahead of Singapore, heh.

Pablo Cheese Tart with Box

Authenticity is main reason why people are excited for Pablo Cheese Tart, it is after all the only Japan based cheese tart chain to operate in Malaysia. If you love cheese tarts and have been buying them from the other 2 popular local brands, needless to say Pablo Cheese Tart is a must try.

Pablo Cheese Tart 1 Utama Friendly Energetic Staff

Pablo Cheese Tart 1 Utama Price

Pablo Cheesetart 1 Utama Display Chiller

Pablo Cheese Tart Kiosk 1 Utama

Pablo Cheese Tart Pork Free

Pablo Cheese Tarts 1 Utama

Although Pablo Cheese Tart is only scheduled to be open to public on the 6th December 2016, I was privileged to have the opportunity to try it today.
The outlet is more of a kiosk so you can only take away the cheese tarts, cookies and drinks. So I foresee that will be a long queue at least in the first few weeks. From what I researched, the branch in Jakarta has a seating area for dine in.

Pablo Cheese Tart 1 Utama Take Out Menu

Pablo Sabrel Cheese Cookies 1 Utama

Pablo Cheese Tart cookies 1 Utama

Besides their signature cheese tarts, you can also buy a variety of products such as Sabrel (also known as cat tongue cookies and Langues de Chat), Pablo Choco Crunch, Golden Creme Cheese Pudding, Pablo Frute Smoothies, soft serve ice cream and coffee – all costing between RM11.90 to RM72.90.

Pablo Cheese Tart 1 Utama

Pablo 1 Utama Cheese Tart Slice

It’s inevitable to compare Pablo Cheese Tart with the other cheese tart or cakes that exist in the market previously. But one thing you should know about Pablo Cheese Tart (RM45.90/pc) is that the taste is not as heavy as expected.
Texture wise it’s extremely soft and delicate and the simplest way I could put it is that it’s softer than ‘tau fu far’. The flavor is pleasantly light, not overly cheesy or sweet so you definitely won’t feel jelak even after consuming half a tart by yourself. If you are wondering, the glaze on top is actually apricot jam.

Pablo Mini Cheese Tart 1 Utama

For those who prefer something heavier and richer, then get the mini cheese tarts @ RM8.90/pc. The cheese filling in the mini version is more dense with a stronger cheese taste that’s slightly salty which makes it appetizing instead of being cloy.
Another thing you should probably know about Pablo Cheese Tart is that you could choose the done-ness for your cheese tarts in Japan. But here, you are only limited to 1 choice which is medium rare which explains why the cheese filing is not molten like what you see in Japan.

Pablo Frute 1 Utama

Pablo Frute Classic Cheese Tart

The Classic Cheese Tart Frute @ RM15.90 is basically a deconstructed version of Pablo’s original cheese tart made into a drink. Personally, I thought it was just alright so I’d recommend spending your money on the cheese tart instead. That being said, if you can afford it, why not?

Pablo Mini Cheese Tart Paper Bag

Pablo Cheese Tart Crunchy

Pablo Crunchy Cheese Tart Cookie

Pablo 1 Utama Freshly Baked Cheese Tart

Pablo Cheese Tart

S130, Level 2, 1 Utama Old Wing
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

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