Jeff Lee Kitchen – Good Food at Reasonable Prices @ Sungai Buloh


At Sungai Buloh there is a chain of Chinese Restaurant being operated by three brothers. They are all successful and always draw crowds from nearby townships for their cheap and tasty signature dishes. Being brothers, you would think that they offer similar dishes but that’s not the case.
Jeff Lee Kitchen is operated by one of the brothers and also the smallest in size from what I saw. Located at Kampung Baru near the wet market and big football field, the restaurant would be full by 6pm and if you come any later than that do expect to wait in the never ending queue.


Jeff Lee Kitchen’s dishes are very traditional and home-style like. The dishes they whip up feel like honest food with nothing pretentious about them at all. My friend who brought me here highly recommends the Steamed Song Yu Tao (Big Head Carp), a type of fresh water fish that is usually reared because of its destructive nature towards other marine lives.
Muddy smell is always a concern when it comes to fresh water fish. But I couldn’t detect a whiff of it, which indicated its freshness and was properly cleaned to rid off any unwanted smell. The head of a Song Yu is scaleless, tough and boney. Edible flesh can only be found from below the eye, which was white and had the smoothest texture. Simply delicious.
For RM25 only, the cheap price was pleasantly shocking to me. Can you believe it?


However, my favorite dish of the meal would have to go to the Soy Sauce Pork Belly (Si Yau Wong Fa Lam) @ RM15. The pork belly slices were thin, felt a little crispy and coated in sweet dark soy sauce. Simple but packed with flavor, goes very well with rice too.


Lat Zi Har Kao (Chilli Prawn Balls) @ RM25. Like other Chilli Prawn recipes it used a mixture of ketchup and chilli to produce the sweet and slightly spicy taste. But Jeff Lee’s version also used a lot of garlic for the additional fragrance, just like how the earlier steamed fish was prepared.


And lastly – crispy Thai-stlye Tofu @ RM10. It was good but nothing too fantastic.


Dishes shown in this post are like only 1/10 of what Jeff Lee Kitchen has to offer. They are also famous for their Bak Cham Gai (steamed chicken) and roast duck, which can be seen hanging at their kitchen glass. Very limited quantities so make sure you come early to try them.

jeff lee restaurant

Then there are the noodle dishes like their signature Wan Tan Mee topped with minced pork and Claypot Lou Shu Fan. For seafood there’s this Almond Fried Prawn Balls that is said to be another top dish. With so many dishes yet to try, I will definitely bug my friend to bring me back again for another awesome and most importantly reasonable priced meal.

Jeff Lee Kitchen 鲜味馆
Lot 4133, jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh,
47000 Selangor.
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.844 E101 34.150
Tel: 03-6156 1817
*Advisable to reach before 6pm for seats

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  1. I love fish head but fresh water fish head …… a bit risky especially steamed reared fresh water fish, lots of parasites, that’s why they have to put malachite green (Class II Health Hazard) into the pond.
    But eating fresh water fish once in a while is Ok lah I guess.
    Anyway fresh water fish is very cheap in Malaysia, you can get the whole fish for a few RM only, so RM25 for half of the head is not as cheap.

    • The cheapest Song Yu Tao I ever had was at RM12.. portion was good, but it was full of fat.. I hope the one I had was caught in the wild.. although not very likely lol.

  2. Now that you explained the Song Yu Tao in English, only I realised that it’s carp! Wah the food is really good, maybe I can bring my in-laws there sometime since they stay in Kepong!

  3. vkeong, i heard from my frend that there is a famous shop which the steamed fish onli for RM22 and the regular customer there normally will order two fishes. Its located at Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur. I duno the street name coz i havent been there. Will tell u if i happen to eat at there. Kthxbai.

  4. after viewing of this blog, i had been to this restaurant yesterday, and yes, the fish head and the pork is really nice

  5. to be honest, i’ve been staying at kg.baru sg. buloh for almost 2 years..i’ve noticed the sea of people that flocked the restaurant but don’t really know how good was their foods..nevertheless, jeff’s kitchen is not the only place u could get good foods at sg. buloh…u could get delicious char siew bao at Kong Mah Restaurant where this shop used to be famous for their dimsum.. and another restaurant which is called LYJ Restaurant if im not mistaken, their “poon choy” was quite well-known too… but i paricularly like visiting DO RE MI which is right next to Kedai Makanan Toto Hee simply because dining there made me felt like eating at home and i especially love their “woo thao khau yook fan” (sry i duno wad it is called in english) and “sambal har khao fan” (sambal prawn ball rice). thinking of it makes me salivating…chicken rice nearby the Hong Leong Bank was nice too…thursday nite market’s “jin loong bao” oso not bad….

  6. […] If you like to dine at Chinese restaurants (those serving course dishes) then Sungai Buloh is a great hunting ground to start with. There are a number of skilled chefs here and each of them have his own specialty and signature dishes. But there are so many restaurants to choose from in the new village alone, so deciding where to eat is the real headache here. Luckily for me I have a close friend who actively explores new restaurants and then recommends the good ones to me, like for example Jeff Lee Kitchen. […]


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