Jit Seng Hong Kong Roast Duck Rice @ Star Hotel, Lebuh Carnarvon


Jit Seng Hong Kong Roast Duck Rice located at Star Hotel along Lebuh Carnarvon serves delicious duck rice that would appeal to those who like their roast duck with less fat and crispy skin. The boss of Jit Seng learnt his duck roasting skill from multiple sifus in Hong Kong, which is why he dares to include the word “Hong Kong” into his stall name.


Staying true to the tradition, a specific breed of duck called 鹅仔鸭 or also called 北京鸭 (Pekin Duck) known for its lean meat is used here. This duck breed is also used in many restaurants in Hong Kong and China. The boss sources his duck supply from a local farmer who has a farm in Jawi. It is also important for the farm to have a pond and large land so that the ducks can roam and swim freely that ultimately contributes to the duck meat’s firm texture.


Utilizing charcoal flame to slow roast the ducks ensures a nice smoky flavor and produces the ever tempting color on the duck skin. And it is obvious that Jit Seng’s roast duck has a unique, vibrant maroonish hue. Any roast duck lover would feel like sinking their teeth into it just by looking lol.


A meal for two including two roast duck drumsticks with unlimited refills of soup cost RM16, a price slightly higher than the rest due to the expensive duck breed.


Soup is self-service here. But sometimes the bowls for the soup run out when there are too many customers. You just need to inform them and they will settle it for you and even bring it to your table.


The roasting of the ducks are actually done at a remote hut before being transported to the stall. And before the ducks go into the charcoal stove for roasting, they are stuffed with generous amount of high quality Chinese herbs, tightly sealed and finally coated with malt sugar imported from Thailand.
The high heat and pressure generated from the charcoal stove forcefully impart all the flavors from the herbs into the duck meat as well as caramelizing the skin. While roasting, the ducks had to be turned around every 15 minutes until they are done.


All this tedious work is worth the trouble, as the roasted duck has a thin, crispy and less fatty skin with a moist, tender meat. Simply delicious. The self-made sweet sauce and appetizing chili sauce go very well with it too. Although the other items like char siew and roast pork are good as well, the roast duck remains as the star at Jit Seng.


There is often a queue for Jit Seng’s roast duck even before the boss arrives. Such is his popularity with his locals.


Above average quality rice grain is used here.


The boss transports his load of roasted duck, pork, chicken and char siew to Star Hotel on bike at 12pm sharp everyday without fail.



Besides roast duck, the boss also prepares Pei Pa Duck if there are requests for it. Just make sure the reservation is made one day in advance.

Jit Seng Hong Kong Roast Duck Rice 日升香港烧鸭饭
Star Hotel
246, Lebuh Carnarvon,
10100 Penang
GPS Coordinates: N5 24.868 E100 20.002
Opens daily including public holiday (Closed on first two days of Chinese new year and when coffee shop is closed)
Business hours: 12pm to 3pm

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  1. hey unker vkeong~~^^ the roasted duck looks so nice, but i would prefer to serve with butter rice instead of white rice~ do they have the butter rice?

    im so hungry now after looking at the photos of shiny and crispy roasted duck.. nice post there.. haha =D
    .-= wyyv´s last blog ..Fish Head Noodles @ Seri Kembangan =-.

  2. I actually went to the places recommended in your blog and of course this too. When I reached there, it was still early and left a lot of ducks so I thought to come back later as I was still full with a very heavy breakfast. When i came back, they are finished!! That’s fast!! lol
    Anyway, definitely gonna go again to try


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