JJ Roll Swiss Rolls & Cakes @ Ipoh

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JJ Roll Cake Shop Ipoh

During my last visit to Ipoh I was introduced to a popular local bakery called JJ Roll that specializes in Swiss Rolls and custom order cakes.
Looking at the premise they are occupying currently, you wouldn’t have guessed that JJ Roll had a humble beginning as a small kiosk.

JJ Roll Cake Shop Swiss Rolls

JJ Roll offers more than 2 dozens of flavors for their Swiss Rolls and you will have a field day picking out your favorites. You don’t necessarily have to pick just one flavor, as the Swiss Rolls also come in a box mixed flavors.

JJ Roll Multiflavor Swiss Roll Ipoh

We tried a box which had their Orange Tango, Pink Dragon, Kiwi Frenzy and Lemon @ RM11. In total there are 8 slices which translates to about RM1.40 each. That’s not bad at all.

JJ Roll Lemon Swiss Roll
JJ Roll Dragon Fruit Swiss Roll

Taste wise I thought it was just alright. You can tell that the sweetness was toned down compared to the rest and there’s a lot more cream in it too. Texture wise it’s spongy and airy, almost like biting into a soft pillow.
Personally, I find the flavor a bit too light for my liking, albeit being low sugar and made with natural ingredients only. Nonetheless, they are still great when paired with a cup of coffee or tea.

JJ Roll Coffee Walnut Swiss Roll

If you are like me and prefer stronger flavors, the Coffee Walnut Swiss Roll would be a better choice. It seems that the non fruit flavored Swiss Rolls are more flavorful, plus you get the salty and nutty taste in the center.

JJ Roll Cake Slicing Service
JJ Roll Ipoh Cake Counter

While we were there, we saw many families placing and retrieving their custom made birthday cakes. Those look really good so I guess this is the place to be if you want something special for your little ones.
As for the Swiss Rolls, no harm in trying since they are not expensive. Maybe you will find them more to your liking than I did.

JJ Roll Cake Shop Ipoh Mascot
JJ Roll Welcome Mascot
JJ Roll Cakes and Rolls Shop Ipoh

JJ Roll – Cakes & Rolls

127 Jln Bharu (off Jln Kampar), 30250 Ipoh
Business hours: 8am – 7.30pm
Tel: 016-551 5796

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