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Johnny Rockets @ Avenue K, KL


Johnny Rockets always appeared full whenever we walked by and sometimes there’s even a queue outside the restaurant. We were wondering what the fuss was all about, so we had a lunch at their Avenue K branch yesterday.
Well, to be honest, the meal was a major disappointment so I am scratching my head now trying to figure out why people would wait in line just to eat here.

Johnny Rockets Chicken-Tenders

The Chicken Tenders @ RM15 was far from being tender and was actually chewy. Worst of all, they were slightly burnt on the outside and had a bad aftertaste.

Johnny Rockets Rocket-Single-Burger

For RM23.49, there’s nothing great about the Rocket Single hamburger. The beef patty is alright I guess – it tasted just like any patty you could get at a fast food restaurant such as Wendy’s. The burger only looked big because the bun was so thick. In fact, eating the bun alone would make you full.

Johnny Rockets Club-Sandwich

I think my Chicken Club Sandwich @ RM23.49 was pretty much a joke. The bread is too thick, the crust is ridiculously hard and the grilled chicken was tough. If for some reason you wanted to exercise you jaw, then go for this. This could very well be one of the the worst sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life.


Since Johnny Rockets is also famous for their milkshakes, not ordering one would be like walking into A&W and not have a root beer. But the Premium Chocolate Shake @ RM15.94 didn’t really taste all that premium to me because there’s little to none chocolate flavour to begin. All I could taste was sugar.


Lastly, does anyone really enjoy watching the unenthusiastic and cringe-worthy dance performed by the staff? I certainly did not.

Johnny Rockets @ Avenue K
G-8A Ground Floor, Avenue K
Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL

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