J’s Gate Dining – 18 Japanese Restaurants @ Lot 10 Shopping Centre


J’s Gate Dining is an authentic Japanese culinary experience that recently opened at at Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Centre. Spanning an entire floor, J’s Gate Dining houses 18 Japan’s authentic cuisines that feature high quality air-flown Japanese ingredients.


This unique dining arena is the latest food and beverage destination that every Japanese food lover in KL should know. I for one, welcome this. At least it’s not another bubble tea or cheese tea chain.
The grand opening was officiated by various VIPs last Wednesday including the Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia – Mr. Makio Miyagawa, Mr. Joseph Yeoh, Vice President of YTL Land & Development Bhd and YTL Hotels & Properties Sdn. Bhd., together with Mr. Naoki Yokoyama, Executive Officer of Sojitz Corporation, Chief Operation Officer of Retails & Lifestyle Business Division.


Among the 18 different outlets, more than half of them are restaurants while the rest are cafés and food hall outlets. The list as follows:

Restaurant Name Category
Tendon Kohaku Tendon
Menya Ichiyutei Udon
Kaisendon Kinme Seafood rice bowls
Shinanoji Soba
Fuji no Sakura Japanese hotpot
Bonta Bonta Eel rice bowls
TSUJIRI Matcha sweets
Cravebit Bar Bar
Mo-Mo-Paradise Sukiyaki/shabu-shabu
Torisakaba Hanazen Chicken izakaya
HACHI Traditional Kyoto cuisine
ViTO Café, gelato
Torikin Yakitori
Umai Sushi Kan Sushi
OSAKA Kitchen Teppanyaki, okonomiyaki
Kushiage Kinme Kushiage
YAYOI Set meals
Kaguraya Chicken ramen

I did not get the opportunity to try all of them during the private media tasting event due to time constraint, but based on some of the dishes I managed to sample, safe to say your experience would be a positive one.
Since every outlet specializes in only one or a few dishes, naturally the quality of food will be better. None of the restaurant is trying to please everyone by offering pages and pages of different Japanese cuisine.

Pricing wise, I am glad to say that it will fit most people’s budget whether you are planning for a value for money, modest or splurge meal. From what I saw, the most expensive options are Umai Sushi Kan and HACHI Traditional Kyoto Cuisine, mainly because they serve sushi, sashimi and Wagyu beef.


For those who prefer a filling yet affordable meal, YAYOI would be perfect. Although it appears like a premium restaurant, the set meals they offer are sensibly priced and come in generous portions.


Fans of ramen can check out Kaguraya, a pork free ramen store that currently offers two items only: Miso Chicken Ramen and Chicken Ramen. The chicken soup is boiled fresh daily in the store and boasts a creamy and thick flavor that could match the pork version. But they still have a bit of tweaking to be done on the noodle, as the texture was a bit coarse for our liking.


Torikin‘s yakitori hails from Fukuoka and their charcoal grilled skewers are prepared with only fresh ingredients and an original blend of seasoning and sauce. The skewers are placed right in front of you (if you are seated at the bar) so you can watch the entire grilling process which adds to the experience.


HACHI is restaurant that serves Kyoto-style Obanzai (traditional home cook cuisine) dishes with Wagyu being their star offering. Their ordering concept is “1 dish 4 fun” where you can customize the tasting menu to your own liking. You will select a main dish such as Wagyu, pork, chicken or fish which will then be prepared according to the Obanzai side dishes you pick.


Izakaya Hanazen is one of the more unique Japanese restaurants primarily because their signature dish, a kind of hot pot called the “Mizutaki” is rarely served in KL.
This chicken-themed Japanese Izakaya aims to be different by offering a healthy dish with beautifying effects due to the rich chicken broth and high concentration of collagen. Besides hot pot, their menu is also filled with various side dishes perfect for a casual meal with friends and family.


This is the first Gelateria ViTO outlet in Malaysia. Their main product is healthy Italian-style gelato made with only natural ingredients that vary in each season. Original roast brewed using Italian espresso machine and a variety of pasta and sandwiches are also available here.
For further information, you can visit J’s Gate Dining’s website or contact them at 03-2110 6850. The operation hours is from 11am to 11pm daily.

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