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Ikan Bakar Kak Ton D’Condo @ Taman Segambut SPPK


Nestled deep in the heart of Segambut is a stretch of gerai makanan selling a variety of fritters, nasi campur, nasi kukus ayam berempah and many other traditional Malay food. One of the larger and more popular gerai is Kak Ton D’Condo‘s stall – a nasi campur joint with ikan bakar as their signature dish.


Despite the aggressive development in the surrounding areas, the food prices are still kept low in this laid-back area. You won’t find anything fancy about the food here, just typical everyday dishes done right using fresh produce. Expect everything to be self service here, except for the drinks maybe – can’t expect you to make your own teh ais right?


After filling up your plate of rice with lauk it is time to pick the grilled fish of your choice! If you don’t plan to have ikan bakar, then I need to ask: why are you even here?


No shortage of choices for fish here. There’s keli, pari, cencaru.. all grilled in a banana leaf wrap to prevent burnt meat, as well as for the extra fragrance.


Besides ikan bakar, the Kak Ton’s fried chicken is also extremely popular. Customers are always eyeing for the fried chicken and it is usually the first dish to be snapped up, especially when it just came out piping hot from the wok.
The well-marinated fried chicken tastes fresh, moist, not greasy and crisp on the outside. For RM3.50 you could have a simple serving of nasi campur with a piece of fried chicken and a portion of vegetable. The price is as reasonable as possible, as other places would charge RM3 just for the chicken alone.


Ikan Bakar Pari

My grilled ikan pari was RM4.50 for a big, fleshy slice. The freshness of the fish is apparent and you could really see and taste it. It is perfectly grilled so it is not dry at all and the soft, flaky white flesh comes off the bones effortlessly without falling into pieces. The kembong fish was delicious as well.
Both the cicah of sambal kicap and air assam are decent but personally, I’d prefer a much spicier kick. Drinks are surprisingly cheap too, as my sirap bandung cost only at a price to beat of RM1.30.


Kak Ton is open throughout the day from 7am until 12am and they serve Thai food as well for dinner.

Ikan Bakar Kak Ton D’Condo

Medan Selera Taman Segambut (SPPK)
Jalan Dutamas Seroja, Taman Segambut SPPK
Tel: 012-3377 820
Closed on Sunday and public holidays

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